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California State Convention 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

California State Convention May 16-18, 2013  ..

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Words from the Membership Director - Sonny R. Santa Ines, State Warden and Membership Director

Monday, March 11, 2013

Founder’s Day Information and Membership Drive

Are you getting ready for this year’s Founder’s Day Information and Membership Drive scheduled for April 6 and 7? Please do as this Drive will be like no other.

Please put emphasis on “Information” by educating the parish and the community on what your council does and support - vocations, prolife, intellectual disability, Special Olympics, blood drive, soccer contest and so on. Display your materials – wheelchair, basketball, posters, etc. Let them know how we save lives and change lives.

Ads promoting the drive will be published in various diocesan papers in the month of March. There will also be ads through digital media and radio. Inserts for parish bulletin will be made available to your councils. See following sample.

In addition, organize your teams, order promotional and recruitment materials and schedule both your informational meetings and First Degree exemplifications. Let us share the Knights of Columbus Experience with as many eligible Catholic men as possible.

Read this and much more in the March Knightletter on the State Council website  


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State Deputy Ray Warriner, Phd's March Message - Electing the Next Pope

Friday, March 08, 2013

This Lenten season will be an exciting time. Again, the world will focus on Rome and how we choose the leadership of the Church. This provides us all an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves and others in the history and process of the selecting a Pope. Let’s use this unique opportunity to teach our fellow Catholics, other people of faith and the secular world the richness of the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church. When you read this, the College of Cardinals should be in conclave and reports from Rome might be leading every newscast. As leader of the church, we most likely will be asked by Catholics and non-Catholics to explain what is going on. To better prepare you, here is a summary of the process in selecting the next Pope.

The College of Cardinals elects a new pope in conclave; this is the process of sequestering the voting members of the college in Vatican City so that they have no contact with the outside world. The word “conclave” comes from the Latin phrase cum clavis, meaning “with key.” The term is suitable since the cardinals are locked inside the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace during the voting process.

Cardinals participating in conclave stay in St. Martha’s House, a hospice inside the Vatican that has 130 rooms. Arrangements are made to ensure that the cardinals are not approached as they are transported between St. Martha’s and the Sistine Chapel.

In 1996, Pope John Paul II described the complex procedures that would be used to elect the next successor to St. Peter, in an Apostolic Constitution called Universi Dominici Gregis (UDG). It is an accepted practice for popes to publish the norms that regulate the election of their successors, and popes often make small adjustments to the procedures.

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California Knights of Columbus Emilio B. Moure Museum Association

Friday, March 01, 2013

The California Knights of Columbus Emilio B. Moure Museum (15808 “A” Arrow Route Suite A; Fontana, California) was on display at the Supreme Convention held in Anaheim , CA last August. Thanks to the efforts of our curators, John and Ann Shea and Marilyn Willour, who set up the display on Former Supreme Secretary, Emilio Moure, the museum display had rave reviews from everyone who stopped by view it, including Past Supreme Knight, Virgil Dechant and his wife, Anne, Dorian Anderson, wife of current Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson and many of the Supreme Officers, Board of Directors and office staff. I would like to say that I am very proud to be a part of this corporation.

The mailing label program began in late November and early December. One change this year was that labels were not mailed to every Knight in the State, but only to those who had previously donated. The hope is that the donations will remain the same or perhaps better and costs will be much less. This will hopefully give the Museum a chance to catch up financially and continue to pay the bills and also to get closer to our goal of an eventual mobile museum that can be taken out into our communities for display at schools, parishes, etc. so that many more will know of the history and great works of the Knights of Columbus in California.

Would you like a beautiful handmade “Ladder Rosary” constructed by Brother Knight Floyd Wells? Just donate $150.00 to the Museum and one in the color of your choice can be yours. Your donation can be sent to the State Office at the address above marked clearly what it is for and a beautiful rosary will soon be its way to you. Remember, that the museum is a 501(c) 3 charitable corporation and donations are tax deductible. The museum is also accepting artifacts from Councils and individuals that would add to the historical aspects of our project. Please contact John and Ann Shea, Curators regarding this type of donation.

I wish to thank every Knight who has contributed in some way to the Museum, either financially or with historical donations. For those who have them, there is still time to send in your donation to the State Office for the mailing labels. We need to make a difference and with your help all of our goals will be accomplished.

May Almighty God Bless all of you and may Our Lady of Guadalupe Protect you.

James R. Scroggin, PSD


Read this and much more in the February Knightletter on the State Council website


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Prayer for the Church

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worthy Brothers,

Earlier this month, the world learned of Pope Benedict’s decision to retire from the Papacy, effective today. 

As he steps down from his role as the leader of our Church, and in the days of transition that follow, our thoughts and prayers are with Pope Benedict XVI, who has worked so hard in leading the Church, and has always been such a good friend to the Knights of Columbus. We wish him all the best in his retirement. In addition, we pray for all those cardinals who will take part in the conclave, and for the pope’s successor, that God may inspire them as they carry out the mission with which they are entrusted.

Our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has written a Prayer for the Church in this time of transition. I ask you to please commit to pray this prayer daily until the Church has a new pope, and to encourage your brother Knights and fellow parishioners to do the same.

We have developed a website for this campaign: In addition to sharing the prayer itself, please share this site with your councils and parishes in your jurisdiction. The site will allow individuals to add their names to the list of those praying for the Church daily, and will assist them in sharing the prayer and their commitment with family and friends. ..

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