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SCHOLARSHIP By Tim Stapleton, Scholarship Charman

Friday, February 22, 2013

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! The deadline for submitting the State Scholarship application is March 1st!

The State Scholarship Committee will determine the scholarships, and the State Deputy will announce the winners at the Annual California State Convention in May of 2013. The State Council will make a payment of the grant directly to the school identified by the student after the school confirms the full-time enrollment by the student.

Applicants must submit an application, verification, personal statement, recommendations, and all other required information in one packet. Incomplete forms, missing signatures, undated applications, supplemental pages without the applicant name and other similar omissions will delay the Committee review and may disqualify the application.

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State/Regional Free Throw Championship

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The following are the confirmed "locations" for all "three" 2013 State/Regional Free Throw Championship.   ..

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Fraternal Activities Report The Road To Star Council

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Humility is a virtue, but it’s also important to be able to show qualified men what the Knights of Columbus does and stands for. Your council, and the Supreme Council, needs those facts to tell prospective members that Knights and their families are as dedicated to the Church and community as they claim to be.

In addition, the Order needs to demonstrate to the governments of the countries it is present in the incredibly high return on investment they get by granting the Knights of Columbus’ tax-exempt status. The Survey of Fraternal Activity is one of the chief vehicles for explaining that fact.

To tabulate your council’s accomplishments, use the Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet (#1728A) Make copy of the worksheet and distribute it to members at a regular business meeting, or mail copies out with the council’s newsletter. Ask members to return completed worksheets early enough to allow plenty of time to compile totals for the entire council.

Star Council Award Requirements

To qualify for this award, a council must have submitted its Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and its Service Program Personnel Report (#365). Other eligibility requirements are: Father McGivney Award: Achieve membership quota Founders’ Award: Achieve insurance membership quota There are no application forms for the Father McGivney and Founder’s awards.

Columbian Award

Complete and submit the Columbian Award Application (SP7) found in the Council Report Forms Booklet (#1436) or at Councils must conduct and report at least four major programs in each of the Service Program categories: Church, Community, Council, Family, Culture of Life, and Youth. Completed applications must reach the Supreme Council office by June 30.

Let us make this a year where every council is a Star Council.

For additional information contact:

Jerry Constance, Reports and Forms Chairman

South Committeeman

(562) 860-1777 (H)

(562) 440-8027 (C)

Read this and much more in the February Knightletter on the State Council website.

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STATE SERVICE PROGRAM AWARDS By Ed Bystran, California Program Director

Monday, February 18, 2013

Every California Grand Knight is invited to appear in the State Convention spotlight to receive an award – but first they need to submit the State Activity reports! This is an easy way to be rewarded for their council’s efforts. If they fill out the forms, there’s a good chance that they’ll carry home an award – the State will distribute 350 plaques or certificates.

The State Activity Awards are significant because they recognize councils that have done an outstanding job in specific activities. They also are a great recruiting tool because the awards tell prospective members in the community about the Council’s accomplishments.

In order for your Council to be honored during the Awards Ceremony at the San Diego State Convention, State Activity Report forms must be mailed for judging to the State Activity Chairmen by April 1, 2013. Use the Service Program Awards Entry Form STSP-CA which can be found on the State website ( click Resources, then Forms) and on Page 20 of the California Program Handbook (it was provided to Grand Knights on a computer Compact Disc).

Mail your activity reports to the appropriate State Activity Chairman (Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth, Culture of Life and Vocations). Their names and addresses are listed on pages 27-29 of the Handbook, and on the State website.

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STATE SECRETARY’S February COLUMN by Tim Carvalho

Friday, February 15, 2013

As we are halfway through the Columbian Year, I ask, as do all the State Officers, to re-invigorate yourselves and Councils and take to heart the Supreme goal of “1 Member per Council per Month.” Our Councils are the life of the Order and we need to keep them current and part of the life of the Church and Community. We need to hear and participate in the new ideas and changes that new members bring to us. We cannot live as an Order without the change that comes from healthy growth and living. So please go out and concentrate on 1 New Member per Month.

The District Deputies will be coming back from their Mid-Year meeting with some more ideas and projects that Supreme wants to focus on. Please take them to heart and work them as these programs deal with the “Year of Faith” theme that the Pope has made a theme for this Church year. We need to make this year a “Catholic” year by partaking in the events held by our parishes and dioceses. Again we need to keep ourselves founded in that principle of being wholly Catholic in all that we do.

Tim Carvalho, State Secretary

Read this and much more in the February Knightletter on the State Council website.

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