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Thursday, April 18, 2013
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World Youth Day

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As of this writing there are 102 days until the opening ceremonies…

The excitement builds as World Youth Day approaches! If you have not made your preparations by now, you had better get moving.

The opening mass will begin July 23rd and will be celebrated by the Bishop of Rio De Janeiro Dom Orani Joao Tempesta.

July 25th The papal welcoming ceremony Pope Francis.

July 26th The stations of the cross which will take place with Pope Francis.

This year’s WYD theme will be “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations.” Matt 28,19. Before during and after young people from around the world will be on fire with the Love and word of Christ ready willing and able to evangelize the world. I am not that young anymore, but I sure would love to be able to attend a WYD. Since I will be watching from the sidelines here in California I will be praying for the Father’s intentions to be realized through the scheduled events of this WYD.

I hope you will take the time to pray for the world’s youth that will be at WYD. There will be plenty of coverage on EWTN so set your DVR’s to record all of the ceremonies and shows. It would be great if you would share this programming with your family too. Maybe suggest that your children’s teachers make it a date to watch live during their classes.

WYD is such an important event in regards to vocations both to the priesthood and women religious. So many young people have been moved to choose their religious vocation because of their WYD experience. Did you know that immaculate heart radio was born at a WYD many years ago? I could go on and on ,but I will finish up with this:

When WYD begins this July 23rd make a special effort to follow what’s happening. TV /internet   will be providing up to the minute reports and real time sharing of thousands of young people. You can follow our KofC FaceBook Page as well as our Twitter feed. We will do our best to keep up to date info for you to enjoy.

More than anything just pray for the love of our Lord to fill the hearts of all the attendees at this WYD with a love that cannot be contained!

Vivat Jesus!

Sincerely your World Youth day Chairman

Jeffrey S Patino

650-580-2170  -

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Soldier Priest to get Ultimate Medal

Friday, April 12, 2013

By Larry Shaughnessy, CNN Pentagon Producer

Washington (CNN)-– Capt. Emil Kapaun served in the U.S. Army in World War II and Korea but he didn’t carry a rifle and never fired a shot.  His weapons were a Bible and his faith.

Capt. Kapaun was also Father Kapaun, a Roman Catholic chaplain who will be awarded the Medal of Honor on Thursday, 60 years after his death while a North Korean prisoner.  The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in the U.S. military.

Kapaun was born and raised in Pilsen, Kansas. After high school he attended Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Missouri. After the abbey, he studied for the priesthood at Kenrick Seminary in St. Louis. Kapaun was ordained in 1940 and that same year became a U.S. Army chaplain.

After serving at several posts in the United States and India, he left the Army and went to the Catholic University of America in Washington to earn a master's degree in education. After getting the degree in 1948, he returned to the Army.

In June 1950, Kapaun was ordered to Korea as the war was in its earliest stages.

Supporting the soldiers of the 8th Infantry Regiment, Kapaun found himself in the heavily contested Pusan perimeter. Army documents supporting his nomination for the medal say he would bike from position to position so he could minister to soldiers, hearing confessions, performing last rites or administering Holy Communion.

Army photos from the war show he often celebrated Mass using the hood of a Jeep as an altar.

Three months after arriving in Korea, Kapaun was awarded the Bronze Star for valor for running through enemy fire to carry wounded soldiers to safety.

In November 1950, his unit went on the move. But Kapaun stayed behind to minister to the wounded soldiers, knowing he was putting himself in danger of capture by the enemy, his nephew Ray Kapaun said.

That is exactly what happened.

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VAVS (VA Voluntary Service) Serving Those Who Served

Monday, April 08, 2013

Our military personnel voluntarily act as the protectors of our nations, standing on the front lines while keeping us safe behind them. The Knights of Columbus acknowledges this unselfish act of patriotism by promoting the “Serving Those Who Served” program. There are 26 million U.S, veterans and hundreds of thousands of men and women currently serving in the military. Meeting the needs of such a large population is the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs, which operates more than 1,000 facilities throughout the United States, ranging from full-service hospitals to nursing homes and home-care programs.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Program is the vehicle that the Knights of Columbus uses in the Serving Those Who Served program. The Vice President for Fraternal Services has oversight of the VAVS program. The program is directed and managed by the Assistant for Military and Veterans Affairs who also serves as the National VAVS Representative to the VAVS National Advisory Committee (NAC). The K of C VAVS program is executed through the Fourth Degree chain of command through the U.S. Vice Supreme Masters and District Masters. Under the program, a Knight of Columbus is certified as a VAVS representative or deputy representative at a VA medical center. Our certified representatives and deputy representatives attend hospital meetings and organize efforts for K of C volunteers.

The Knights of Columbus currently has VAVS representatives at almost every VA medical center (VAMC) and many clinics in the United States. There is one certified representative and, up to, three deputy representatives from the Knights of Columbus at these VAMCs. Representatives recruit and manage K of C VAVS volunteers in developing activities and programs that target the most essential needs of the patients.

In the United States, the VA hospitals, clinics and facilities need all types of volunteer services – from program planning to visiting veterans. For more information on this outstanding program, please contact your Fourth Degree district master, the Voluntary Service Chief at the nearest VA Medical center, or use this form.

The philosophy behind “Serving Those Who Served” is simple: the men and women of the Armed Forces didn’t let the Nation down on the battlefield, and the Knights of Columbus will not let these veterans down now.

Action Steps

When our country needed them our veterans answered the call to serve. Now Knights are being called to serve our veterans through a new program: “Serving Those Who Served.” Our goal is to have an active corps of Knights serving as volunteers at every Veterans Administration medical facility in the nation. Volunteers are needed at veteran’s medical facilities on a regular basis. Through the “Serving Those Who Served” program councils and assemblies are asked to form a corps of volunteers to meet the needs of our veterans on an ongoing basis.


This offers every assembly in state an opportunity to give back without any fund raising or financial contribution. Simply get out the man power to help our veterans in need.

Read this and much more in the April Knightletter on the State Council website 

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Culture of Life: “San Diego’s Knights Are “Expecting!” by GK Michael Campos

Friday, April 05, 2013

Waiting beyond the due date is always a trying and exciting experience. Now, the waiting is almost over. All the prior preparations and events having taken place for this blessed event to arrive, there is nothing left but to joyously await Its arrival. Except maybe one more “Baby Shower” might be appropriate. The anxiously anticipated delivery is scheduled to be through the capable mid-wife hands at St. Brigid Catholic Church’s St. Pius X Council in Pacific Beach. And, according to their on duty medical staff, all is in readiness for mid July.

Like any new parent waiting for the birth of their first child, Camille Cassin, Executive Director of Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, is excited about being able to soon bring home this First Light and Life Mobile Ultrasound Facility. With SK Greg Anthony-Council 3487 and SK Steve Beurle-Council 3947 in San Diego originators of the “Light and Life Mobile Ultrasound Initiative” they are all counting the days for this delivery.

Photos of babies tug at the heartstrings and bring smiles to faces of parents, relatives and friends. This is also true for expectant parents, especially abortion minded mothers and fathers, up to 85% and more when seeing their child for the first time on an ultrasound machine are found to choose life. The “light” of the ultrasound reveals the truth of the life within a mother’s womb making this the most effective tool to save the life of an unborn child.

The Light and Life Mobile Ultrasound Initiative, the first of its kind, not only provides a brand spanking new ultrasound machine, but also the Mobile Unit specifically designed to house an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) mobile facility. The Program incorporates the current Knights of Columbus-Supreme Ultrasound Initiative, which matches half the cost of the ultrasound machine after the first half has been raised by a local Knights Council. The total cost of the delivered Mobile Ultrasound Vehicle with its ultrasound machine runs approximately $170,000.

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