Church Activities

As Catholics, we are called to take an active part in building a strong parish, Church and community. Your Knights of Columbus council is perfectly positioned to be the lead organization within your parish and community to answer that call. Church activity programs also enable each member to grow in his faith, become a better husband and father, and set a standard for other Catholic gentlemen. Invite the pastor of your council’s parish to your organizational meeting to determine the immediate needs of the parish. This will strengthen your council’s bond with the parish and show parishioners that the Knights are ready and willing to assist when called upon.

Featured Program — Refund Support Vocations Program The Knights of Columbus has long supported vocations to the priesthood and religious life, particularly through the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP). Through this Church Activities featured program, your council “adopts” one or more seminarians or postulants, providing them with financial assistance and moral support. It’s a way for your council to invest in the future of our Church.  READ MORE

“Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive” This initiative is designed to help Knights of Columbus families realize more fully their mission to be an authentic domestic church. They can do this through daily prayer, catechesis and Scripture reading, as well as through monthly charitable and volunteer projects. This initiative is designed to run throughout the year.

The following programs make up the activities in the State Church Program:
Specifics for these programs are included in the Program Handbook CD.

Keep Christ in Christmas: In a time when all things religious are being discouraged and swept
away, it’s refreshing to know that the State Council sponsors the “Keep Christ in Christmas”
campaign to remind people that Christmas is above all a “Holy Day” of celebration of the birth of

Adoration/Silver Rose Program: Honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Our Lady of
Guadalupe. Typically, three Silver Roses will travel simultaneously through 31 jurisdictions and
Mexico each year. Specifics for this program are included in the Program Handbook.

Prayer for Peace Day: Recognizing the power of prayer in our lives and its presence as a central
tenet of our Catholic faith, the Knights of Columbus have established World Day of Prayer for
Peace (September 11th Remembrance). This day of prayer seeks to unite Knights, Catholics, and all
people of good will – regardless of their religious faith – in prayer for peace. On this anniversary
day, we gather together to pray and remember the sacrifice of our fellow citizens, first responders,
and soldiers.

State Council Retreat: Encourage all brothers, especially officers, to attend a State Council
sponsored Retreat. The Retreats are scheduled typically during February and March and will allow
those in attendance a chance to step back from their daily routines to examine through prayer,
meditation, and the sacraments what God intends for them.

Mary’s Son: The purpose of “Mary’s Son” is to promote the teaching of the true meaning of
Christmas. We ask Councils throughout the State to purchase the book “Mary’s Son, A Tale of
Christmas”. The book is a story of two children; an angry young boy from simple means, the other
a spoiled girl who lives in a mansion on a hill. The two young children come across a little old man
who takes them back in time to witness the birth of Jesus. Their lives are changed by what they
see and hear.