Family Activities

In today’s world, with all the demands that life brings, it’s hard to come by quality family time. Children also face similar pressures from school work, sports and other activities. Your Knights of Columbus council offers families a chance to build stronger bonds by bringing family members together in charitable and entertaining activities.

Featured Program — Food for Families
Hunger knows no season and it is not confined to one region. The number of families that are at risk of suffering from hunger is on the rise. Your council should provide outreach to your parish soup kitchen or local food pantry throughout the year.  READ MORE

familymonthFamily of the Month and Family of the Year
By participating in the Family of the Month and Family of the Year programs, your council honors families who exemplify the values taught by our Church and Order.

In order to recognize and promote family involvement in the Order through each of our Councils, the State Council will present month, statewide Family of the Month awards. Each month the council’s Grand Knight, in consultation with his Family Activities Director, should select a family that reflects the ideals of a K of C Catholic family. Participation of the individuals as well as the family unit in Community, Council, Church, Family and Youth Activities will all be considered.

Tell the story of their participation and what they do to make them stand out in your council. Describe the contributions and factors on why they should be considered in the Family of the Month. What is that makes this family an inspiration to the other families in the council and community.

In order to facilitate reporting, the State Council Family of the Month program this year will utilize the same reporting form as the Supreme Council (#1993A), which can be found in the following places:  On the Supreme website ( &  in the California Handbook.

The report for Supreme may be submitted electronically through their website. The State Council report preferable should be sent by e-mail to, the Family of the Month/Year Chairman, or by regular mail to the address below to be considered for the monthly state award. The Supreme Council and State Council deadlines for receipt of the reports are the same. To have a family recognized by the State Council, the form #1993A must be received by the 15th of the following month (i.e. the Family of the Month for February must be reported by March 15th ).  Your program cd has the email and address information.

The State will also present a Family of the Year Award to one family at the 2016 State Convention. A separate Family of the Year Nomination Form is available on the Supreme website ( The nominations must be received by the State Chairman no later than March 15, 2016. Although not required, your Family of the Year nominee ideally comes from one of the monthly recipients.


One of the most overlooked Knights of Columbus Programs is the State Scholarship, designed specifically for high school seniors planning to enter College or continuing students currently enrolled in a College or University. It is important to emphasize that this is a Council activity and not run by the state. It depends on all Councils and Brother Knights to actively promote this valuable Program that supports the youth of our State. The Primary Contact for questions from the Scholarship Applicants is the Council Grand Knight and his Council scholarship program chairman.  READ MORE