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There is still time for all of us to make our Membership Goals for 2015-16.  Keep in mind, our membership goals should always:

  1. Increase the Faith and Action of fellow Catholic men through membership.
  2. Strengthen our Council and parish with manpower for continued leadership and greater action.

An additional membership goal for this year is to attain Star Council and earn a $4.50 per member credit from Supreme towards your next per capita payment.  This can amount to a substantial amount of money.  If you have 100 members, for instance, the credit would total $450 which can be redirected to other council activities and charitable projects.

Yes!  You still have time to achieve that goal.  Here’s how….  Hold an extended recruiting effort starting this coming weekend until you have met your quota.

Basically, you do all the actions you would for a regular Church Drive or Membership Blitz, however, you do it each weekend for the remainder of the Columbian Year, or until your membership goal has been met.  This clearly sets a tone showing the need for men to take action through service.  When they hear the message week after week, it starts to become clear the message is directed towards them.  Eventually, they will look into joining the Brother Knights!

Keys to an extended recruitment drive:

  • Permission – get authorization from your Pastor and the Church Office.
  • Announcements – Pulpit announcements each week at every Mass.

o Priest or pastor personal endorsements are ideal.  All they need to do is ask men to join and to see the Brother Knights outside of church after Mass.

o A Brother can give a one minute message asking men to “Change Lives and Save Lives” by joining the Knights of Columbus.  Include one or two points on how your Council contributes to your parish and its ministries.

  • Visibility – Tables outside the exits of the church with flyers, posters, photos of Knights in action, K of C basketballs or soccer balls, etc.
  • Manpower – One or two Brothers at each door who approach every man to ask him to join.
  • Information Sessions & Admissions Degrees – Plan a Council social or Information Meeting and follow it up with one or more Admissions (1st) Degrees.
  • Follow up – Call each and every contact to personally invite him to your Information Meeting /Degree within 48 hours.  Don’t be afraid to call on Sunday night!

Now imagine your parish with more Brother Knights, your Council with fresh volunteers and potential leaders, and their families engaged in the action of the Knights of Columbus and your parish.  Go for it!

Remember:  Every Member A Recruiter!


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