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World Day of Marriage

The Knights of Columbus cares about your marriage and your family.

We believe the foundation of the family is the marriage bond between the mother, father and God. If you have a strong marriage bond, it will in turn produce a strong family. A strong family in turn, is more capable of enduring the challenges they will face throughout their lives. If the marriage bond is not strong, these challenges can cause the marriage to end in divorce and split the family apart. So to protect your family, you must strengthen your marriage bond with God.

To help strengthen your family and your marriage bond with God, the Knights of Columbus encourages your family to dedicate time each day for family prayers. As you pray your family prayers, we ask that you include the Our Marriage Prayer.

We encourage holding each other’s hands during the family prayers as a symbol of family unity. When it is time to say the Our Marriage Prayer, the husband should take his bride’s hands, place them together and wrap his own hands around them. They should then pray these words together.

Lord, help us to remember when we first met

and the strong love that grew between us.

To work that Love into practical things

so that nothing can divide us.

We ask for words both kind and loving

and hearts always ready to ask for forgiveness

as well as to forgive.

Dear Lord, we put our marriage into Your hands.


The marriages that you will treasure more than your own will be those of your children and grandchildren. Praying the Our Marriage Prayer in the presence of your children every day allows your children to see that you place your marriage into God’s hands. As they hear you pray the Our Marriage Prayer, they will begin to memorize it along with you. Hopefully they will one day incorporate it into their own marriages as well and pass it down through the generations.

Praying the Our Marriage Prayer is just one of the activities in the World Day of Marriage Program, which is a new Service Program Activity.

World Marriage Day will be celebrated on Sunday, February 12, 2017 and if you wish to learn more about the Knights of Columbus World Day of Marriage Program, please refer to the CY 2016-2017 Service Program Handbook or contact:

Dcn. Bernard Liwanag

(510) 363-9178

Email: burnsbright@yahoo.com

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