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State Deputy

California’s 101st 

   State Deputy

Avelino Doliente 

                                                             State Deputy Message for November 2014

 Worthy Brother Knights,

“One New Member Per Council Per Month”. How many times have you heard this said since the start of this Columbian year? Has your council complied with our membership motto for the third year in a row?

Let us be honest with ourselves. If we had followed this since July, we would have at least 2500 new members by now. In reality, only about 25% of all the councils have complied with. To the councils that did their share, the State Council thank you. For the rest of the councils, we ask you to join our team and enjoy the fun with all of us. Keep in mind that we are a team and we do not want you left behind.

The “World Series of Membership” ended last October 31st. We had a very successful campaign. This contest added $2500 to our incentives for individual recruiters.

Another contest “World Sports Membership Championship” started November 1, 2014 and ends on January 31, 2015. The rules for this contest are as follows: Compete against jurisdictions in your own country, pick a name and win as long as you are net/net positive each month. We compete with Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Missouri, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Kansas. For California team, we chose the “CHARGERS” named after the best football team in the state right now.

For incentives,

November Intake goal – 8%          1 out of 3 months - $500

December Intake goal – 9%           2 out of 3 months - $1,500

January Intake goal - 8%               3 out of 3 months - $2500

Must be net/net positive to win in any month.

For November, December, and January, place in the top 6 each month and win a bonus of $300.

In January, the cumulative percentage from November and December are added to determine the following placements:

1st place - $1,000                            7th place – 60,000 VIP points

2nd place - $900                               8th place – 50,000 VIP points

3rd place - $800                               9th place – 40,000 VIP points

4th place - $700                               10th place – 30,000 VIP points

5th place - $600                               11th place – 20,000 VIP points

6th place - $500                               12th place – 10,000 VIP points

                                                          13th place - 5,000 VIP points

Maximum possible of $3,800 in incentives sounds great. Isn’t it. So, let us get to work. Remember, “One New Member Per Council Per Month” the rest of the Columbian year will do the trick.

“To God Be The Glory”

Abe Doliente

State Deputy


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