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State Deputy

California’s 101st 

   State Deputy

Avelino Doliente 

                                                             State Deputy Message for July 2014

Worthy Brother Knights:

I would like to thank you all for giving me your 
confidence to lead California State Council for 
Columbian year 2014-2015.

As we begin the new Columbian year, let us 
pause a moment and reflect on the achievements 
and accomplishments of the past leaders. 
California has always had great leaders who 
guided us successfully year in and year out. Can 
we maintain that leadership and have California 
stay where it belongs? You as members of the 
California Knights of Columbus play a major role 
in the success of the coming year.

We have gathered what I believe the best group of leaders to have a very 
successful year. With Fr. John Neneman as the State Chaplain, Ed Huestis as 
the State Secretary, Sonny Santa Ines as the State Treasurer, Romy Quevedo 
as the State Advocate, Joe Salaiz as the State Warden and Tim Carvalho as 
the Immediate Past State Deputy, we can’t go wrong. In addition, we have 
Membership under the leadership of Michael Brault, Programs under the 
leadership of John Bertrand, and Operations under the leadership of PSD Dr. 
Ray Warriner.

We have 148 District Deputies and about the same number of Committeemen.
But the State Officers, Directors and Committeemen cannot do the job 
alone; nor can the District Deputies by themselves, nor can the Chapter Officers 
alone; nor can the Assembly Officers alone; nor can the Council Officers alone, 
but together, we, as a team can make California as successful as in the previous 

So, my brothers who are members of the California Knights of Columbus, 
can I count on you to be a part of the team? I hope and pray so.

 "To God Be The Glory"
 Abe Doliente
State Deputy