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This past month, our Columbian Senior Advisory Service/CSAS consultants report getting feedback from a client they have been working with since March 2015.  He’s a Knight and was caring for his wife at home (he was referred to CSAS by his brother-in-law, who is also a CSAS client).  Initially, this client called because he was becoming financially destitute caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s at home.  While CSAS is not a MediCal specialist and does not refer to skilled nursing facilities, as an advisory service our service was able to connect him with a MediCal specialist who helped with his wife’s MediCal application. After his wife was approved for MediCal in August 2015, he immediately transitioned her into a MediCal-approved skilled nursing facility. This client sent a very heartfelt email a few days ago to let family, friends, and professionals know that his wife recently died peacefully at the facility. He expressed his thanks not only to everyone who was involved in her care – but specifically to our CSAS consultant and the MediCal specialist who were so helpful to them – and shared that she was lovingly cared for.

Hopefully you see several “take-aways” here brothers.


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