The A.C.E. Wings Award Program has been established to recognize those brother Knights and some community members who publically advocate for the rights of unborn children. A.C.E. is an acronym for Pro-life without Apology, without Compromise, and without Exception. To be eligible to receive the A.C.E. award brother Knights must participate in a minimum of 5 public events supporting a culture of life. 4 of the 5 events must have to do with protecting the unborn and include events like:

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counseling, Youth/Family Rally, Volunteer Work at Women’s Center, Christian Service 4 Life, 40 Days for Life, California Pro-Life Lobby Day, West Coast Walk for Life, Standing for Life Banquets, Host a Pro-Life Rosary, or Participate in Pro-Life Parades

The 5th  event can either be an event supporting the unborn or an event supporting a culture of life. Our Holy Father called us to protect life from conception to natural death therefore we must include those who are forgotten and left to die or are neglected. Special Olympics events qualify as the fifth because many abortions are performed once it is discovered that the baby might have Downs Syndrome, or some other defect. Example events include:

Special Olympics Volunteer, Working/volunteering at a hospice, nursing home, or veteran’s hospital
Providing entertainment for the residents of a hospice, nursing home, or veteran’s hospital.

Private events do not qualify. All events must be in a public forum.

Brother Knights may request a second set of A.C.E. wings for their Spouse.

Councils may recognize a non-knight once per calendar year by submitting an A.C.E. Wing award application and a written justification outlining the reasons the council believes the non-knight deserves to be recognized by the Knights of Columbus as a strong support of a culture of life. The non-knights must be a strong supporter of the right to life for the unborn.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

All Brother Knights are encouraged to support Culture of Life events when they occur, however the A.C.E. award may only be received once. Applications can be downloaded from the State website.

To recognize the brother knights among us who lead the way and encourage others to support the unborn beginning in Columbian Year 2016-2017 the ACE Wing Award program will recognize Grand Knights and Culture of Life Chairmen where 25% of the council membership receives the ACE Wings Award.

A.C.E. Wing Award Applications can be scanned with all required signatures and to State A.C.E. Wing Award Chairman.

Eric Watson
A.C.E. Wings Award
California State Chairman