Founder’s Day Church Drive Preparation

Worthy Brothers,

It is important to honor the memory of our founder by inviting qualified Catholic men to join the Knights of Columbus.  Founder’s Day is traditionally celebrated with an Order-wide Church Drive which is fast approaching and it is time to begin preparations.  The Founder’s Day Drive is usually held on the weekend prior to March 29 which is the actual Founder’s Day for the Knights of Columbus.  This year that date falls on the Tuesday after Easter, so we suggest that your Founder’s Day Drive be planned for April 2-3, 2016.  If that timeframe doesn’t fit your parish schedule, shift your drive to early March or later in April.

Things To Do Now

  1. Order Supplies
  2. Choose flyers and supplies from the Supreme Supply Catalogue. Include:
  3.      Form 100’s
  4.      Form 921a Prospect Card (single Prospect Card)

iii.       Form 921 Prospect Referral Card (room for 3 referrals)

  1.      Form 10099   24 Hours Can Change Your Life
  2.      Form 10100   Why You Should Become A Knight
  3.      Search for other flyers or posters on pages 10-11 of the catalogue

vii.      Form 521   Candidate’s Kit (Admissions Degree Kit) $3.50 each

viii.     Assorted prayer cards  (see pages 13-14 Church Supplies)

  1.      Be sure to order Spanish materials if you will recruit at a Spanish Mass
  2. Order a Church Drive Kit
  3.      Click on the link above to download the order form.
  4.      Mail or FAX it to Supreme as soon as possible.
  1. Scheduling
  2. Select your Church Drive dates and obtain approval of the pastor
  3. Get your drive on the parish master calendar
  4. Seek permission for bulletin and pulpit announcements
  5. Consider an extended Recruitment Drive
  6.      Begin recruitment on a given weekend and either…
  7.      Continue recruitment for 2-3 additional weekends or…

iii.       Continue recruitment until you have reached your Star Council Recruitment Goal

  1. Include plans for two or more Information Sessions
  2.      One within a few days of the Recruitment weekend
  3.      Another about a week later to connect with prospects who miss the first session
  4. Set the date, time, and place for one or more Admissions Degrees (1st Degree)
  5. Gather information from nearby Councils
  6.      Date, time, and location for their Information Sessions
  7.      Date, time and location for their Admissions Degrees

iii.       Create a flyer showing local Information Sessions and Admissions Degrees

These steps should be completed 4 to 6 weeks prior to your Church Recruitment Drive, so get started now!

Whenever your Council has completed a Recruitment Drive, please report your results to the State Membership Team by completing this survey:

2016-17 Membership Drive Results

This year training is being conducted throughout the State on how to conduct an effective Church Membership Drive.  Look for information in your Chapter communications for a date and time near you.  Details on additional steps needed to plan a successful Church Drive will be the topic of upcoming Membership Monday messages. 

Remember:  Every Member A Recruiter!