Knights of Columbus Family Week is a program that the Knights initiated and organized dedicated to the family in the month of August.  This year 2017, it is the week of August 12th to 19th.  It is to commemorate our Founder’s birth and death anniversaries, August 12th and 14th, respectively.

Father Michael J. McGivney focused on strengthening family life.  The family is under heavy attack today.  It’s about largely over values and commitments.  Today society makes it hard to be a family.  We are all focused to be good providers and more often we forget that we need support from a source of strength, from a growing religious faith and parish life.  Television, computer, and entertainment take up a lot of family time together.

Celebrating family week is an excellent way to promote family values.  Spending quality time with the family within the parish and community is a good way to get to know other families.  We, the Knights of Columbus in our local council can initiate an event that can involve everyone through the help and encouragement from the pastor.  There are a lot of ways to promote activities that will highlight family interaction toward programs of the Knights of Columbus.  Coordinating with the pastor for a memorial mass each year to mark the death anniversary of Father McGivney and distribute Father McGivney’s prayer card is one example.  Plan and invite the people in the Parish for a breakfast or picnic and initiate a membership recruitment drive.  Let us all be creative doing remarkable events to promote the “Family Week”.

My Brother Knights, the success of our council and our Order depends greatly on our commitment and dedication not only during the Family Week celebration but during the entire Fraternal Year.

Vivat Jesus!

Bert Morales
Family Week State
California State Chairman