Alberto A. Morales 2019-2019 Chairman

Family Week is a special opportunity for our Order to celebrate and emphasize the importance of the family through programs that strengthen parish community and unite Catholic family life. These programs should be fun and enjoyable for all, but also meaningful in their message. Our celebration of the family shouldn’t be a private matter but a parish-wide experience.

Commitment to family life is at the core of the Knights of Columbus’ beliefs and ideals.  This summer, put family first by inviting your parish and greater community to celebrate during Knights of Columbus Family Week.

Planning your Family Week

It is a good practice for Family Week to begin and end with a parish Mass that’s followed by The Consecration to the Holy Family (#10371).  Throughout the rest of the week, you can celebrate family life through fun and meaningful events.  Open your events to all families of the parish, taking care to plan for a variety of ages and interests.

When planning your week of events, make sure you discuss times and logistics with your pastor or chaplain.  Since families plan time away during the summer, your pastor might suggest a different date for your events.

Action Steps

Suggested Activities

Make sure that all celebrations of family include a variety of activities that highlight the Order’s Mission.
Councils may consider including the following activities:

  • Distribute family prayer cards to be prayed at home by parishioners throughout Family Week
  • Invite prospective members to the council meeting place for a meet and greet with council members.
  • Since Family Week is held around the anniversaries of the Venerable Father Michael McGivney’s birth and death, it is fitting to hold a memorial Mass and First Degree in his honor.
  • Hold a memorial Mass for deceased members of the council family
  • Host a rosary or parish Mass before a family picnic. Utilize the Domestic Church series booklet A Scriptural Rosary of the Family (#319)

Promote Volunteerism and Togetherness

Volunteering brings members together for quality time while they make a difference and create positive memories. Helping those who are less fortunate can also add perspective to their lives. When volunteering with young children remember to keep the activity as fun and age appropriate as possible so they’ll want to do it again.

  • Invite families in the parish and community to volunteer together at a council community service event.
  • Assist pregnancy resource centers by collecting baby items and donations
  • Serve a meal at the community soup kitchen
  • Clean up litter in a park, or help your parish with outdoor maintenance

Fun Family Actives

  • Sponsor a family picnic featuring a cookout, sack race, egg toss, water-balloon toss, three-legged race, obstacle course, face painting and similar activities.
  • Hold a family night at your council’s meeting place to allow families to play games and socialize.
  • Host family sports competitions (tug of war, volleyball, horseshoes, bocce, darts, softball, etc.).
  • Hosting a “Double-Feature Family Film Night,” featuring the short film The Life and Legacy of Father Michael J. McGivney followed by a full-length family movie.