Membership Director’s Message

Both California and Supreme are asking all Councils to focus on “Building the Domestic Church” (which means strengthening the Faith within our families) and on enthusiastically reaching out to other cultures, especially our Hispanic Brothers.  For Membership, that means we need to emphasize building the spirituality of our Brothers and directing our efforts towards strengthening our families.

In addition, we should strive to find ways to reach the Hispanic men who are Catholic in California.  Pew Research listed 15 million Hispanics in California as of 2014. Approximately one third of those are Catholics, that is 5 million Hispanics.  We can estimate at least one third of that number would be men, at least 18 years old so the number of eligible, Hispanic, Catholic men in California exceeds 1.6 million!  Let us vigorously reach out to these men.

Our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, has expressed his desire that every practicing Catholic man be offered membership in the Knights of Columbus.  Membership in our Order is a gift; we must find ways to share that “Experience of a Lifetime” with all of the Catholic men whom we encounter.

Since our long-term goal is to offer membership to every practical Catholic man in California.  In order to make progress toward this lofty goal, we have set the following:

State Membership Goals

Membership Goals

2017-2018 2018-2019

Reach Goal

Membership Intake

4,375 4,400 5,000

Net Membership Growth




Net/Net Actual Membership Growth




New Councils




Reactivated Councils




Round Tables




Number of Star Councils 100 100


Brothers, we can achieve these goals if each Council makes a commitment to offer opportunities for men to grow spiritually through the Knights of Columbus and if our Council activities are rooted in strengthening families.  This is Building the Domestic Church.  When men see that the K of C is a gateway to spirituality and is also helping families to stay connected to the Catholic Church, then they will ask to join us!

In order to Build the Domestic Church and to increase our spirituality, we will center our Membership efforts on two ideas: 1) “Casting the Net” in which Membership Recruiters work to bring Catholic men into the Order, and 2 ) “Anchor Line to Faith” Retention Committee will strive to keep families actively involved in the Church and connected to the Order through personal communication.

You will note that we intend to follow the example of Christ, the original Fisher of Men and our Good Shepherd.  He offered the gift of eternal life to all men and told His Apostles to become Fishers of Men.  We will cast our nets out to bring entire families closer to the Church.  Christ used the parable of the Good Shepherd to explain the importance of keeping each and every one of His sheep safe in the flock; we have an obligation to keep our Brothers in the Order so that their family remains anchored to our Faith.  Our Worthy Shepherd and Apostles program is designed to connect our Brothers to the Knights as an anchor line to our Christian principles and commandments.

How to “Cast the Net”

  • Extended Membership Drive – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Chapter Extended Membership Drive Challenge – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • District Recruitment Teams and Special Action Teams – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Family Membership Recruitment – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Knights of Columbus Visibility in the Parish – See Membership Recruitment Section
  • Celebrate Shining Armor Awards – See Shining Armor Award Section
  • Shining “Armorer” Award – See Shining Armor Award Section

Using an Anchor Line to the Faith to connect Brothers and Families

  • Worthy Shepherds and Apostles (Retention Team) – See Membership Retention Section
  • Worthy Shepherd Award (Plaque to Worthy Shepherd & Certificates to each Apostle) – See Membership Retention Section
  • Worthy Shepherd Incentive – See Membership Retention Section

Finally, keep in mind that we hold Degrees for Candidates, we should NOT hold Candidates for Degrees.

A Prospect (or a Brother) should not have to wait more than two weeks to attend an Admissions Degree.  At least every four weeks there should be a nearby Formation Degree.  Each Chapter should arrange for Knighthood Degrees either every month (for large Chapters) or every other month (small chapters).

Please post ALL Degrees using this link:  2018-19 California Ceremonial Degrees – Enter Data

Once Councils, Districts, and Chapters follow through and post their upcoming Degrees, you will be able to see those postings (sorted by District) using this link:
2018-19 California Ceremonial Degrees Master List

More Ceremonials = more members = more leadership.  This will guarantee the continued growth and success of the Knights of Columbus in California.

Our Membership catch phrase will be:

K of C – Focused on Family, Anchored in Faith!

State Membership Director

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