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Every Member A Recruiter!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could make this more than a slogan but help it become reality?  Here’s how….

Only a few men are good at approaching contacts and even fewer are expert at getting men to sign on the dotted line of the Form 100 Membership Application.  But every member knows other Catholic men who are not yet Brothers.  These could be men from their families, from the parish, from their neighborhoods, or even from work.  If they are Catholic men, they may be eligible.

Your Council should talk to every Brother and ask him to make a “Prospect List” of possible contacts.  You could start with an email or a mailed out request for contacts, but talking with each personally will more effectively engage every member.  Use your phone tree or your Shepherd and Apostles Team to talk to each of your Brothers about potential new members for your Council.

Every Brother in your Council has seen non-Knights at Mass, in their families, or around town.  Ask them to identify prospects and to begin to gather contact information.  Ideally, the Council Recruitment Committee would like as much information as can be provided: name, address, phone number, and email.  But ask Brothers to provide whatever they can.  You may find some men who can only provide names.  That is a start.  Check the church directory or telephone listings for additional information.

Keep in mind that your Council only needs a net membership increase of 7% to qualify for Star Council.  If every Brother is sending multiple contacts to your Recruitment Team, you should be able to sign up more than enough new Knights.

Remember:  “Every Member, A Recruiter!” does not necessarily mean that each man must be a proposer.  Success will be assured, however, if everyone works together to identify potential new members.  TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Remember:  Every Member A Recruiter!

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