The great challenge and urgent call for continued expansion of our Order lies ahead of us. Membership recruitment, as we all know, is the basis for growth and the lifeblood of the Order. We must take ownership of the growth of our brotherhood and lead by example with strong conviction and unparalleled commitment in making membership recruitment paramount and our top priority as a member. Let us move forward in unison; increasing one member at a time along throughout the year, to move our Councils, Districts, Chapters, and State towards our goals.

We, the Knights of Columbus, are known as the “Right Arm of the Church” in Support of our Bishops and Priests.  We “Change Lives and Save Lives.” Our faith-filled activities are all related to the overall goal of Living our Faith and Evangelizing; our deeds and our actions are the cornerstone to membership recruitment.



2018-19 Membership Strategies
‘Casting the Net’

  • Extended Membership Challenge
    • Each Council considers an Extended Membership Drive
      (full month or more)
    • Place Council Drive on Chapter Calendar & State Database
    • Chapter finds Councils to cover each of the months of the year
    • Chapter supports Council with District Recruitment Teams & Special Action Teams
  • Plan on Three or More Church Drive Weekends per Council This Year
    • Quick Start Membership Month – Council chooses July or August or September
    • Columbus Day Membership Drive – October 6 -7, 2018
    • Founders’ Day Membership Drive – March 23 – 24, 2019
    • 4th Quarter Drives – Divine Mercy Drive, Mothers’ Day Drive, Catch Your Star Drive
    • Local Special Event Membership Drive – such as a Parish Anniversary or Festival
  • District Recruitment Team
    • Get two or more of the best recruiters on the Team from each Council
    • Teams should plan about one special project per quarter
    • Special Projects could be a New Council, a Reactivation, or a Rejuvenation Project
    • Invite nearby District Recruitment Teams to assist on your projects
  • Special Action Team
    • Each Chapter should form Special Action Teams for NCDs and Reactivations
    • Invite the best and most motivated recruiters from local District Recruitment Teams
    • Form a Hispanic Special Action Team for the Chapter composed of bilingual recruiters
  • Family Membership Recruitment
    • Brother Knight, his wife, and his kids recruit
      • Brother talks to prospect
      • Wife talks to ladies
      • Kids talk to kids
      • Each tells how the Knights improve their lives
    • Membership Recruitment Visibility
      • Set up pop-up canopy with table at church exits
      • Hang recruitment posters on the canopy
      • Offer prayer cards a gift from the Knights as people enter for Mass
      • Recruit as people are leaving Mass
      • “Join Us” poster with list of current Knights
        • List Priests and Deacons first and highlight them
        • Print Roster of the Council in large (easy to read) font
        • Leave blank lines for those who sign Form 100s
        • * (star) next to those who complete the Admissions Degree


Recruitment is everyone’s responsibility; it can happen at anytime, anyplace. Proper planning should increase your success.  Over the years, recruitment works when conducted in a structured and organized manner.

This year, plan on conducting three or more Church Drives, two should coincide with the Statewide Church Membership Drives:

Columbus Day – OCTOBER 6 & 7, 2018

Founders’ Day – MARCH 23 & 24, 2019  

In addition, each Council is asked to conduct one or more of the following Drives:

Quick Start Membership Month – a month long drive sometime in July, August, or September

Local Special Event Membership Drive – choose a significant local event such as a parish anniversary, ministry fair, or a parish festival

4th Quarter Drive (choose one)

  • Divine Mercy Drive – April 27 – 28, 2019
  • Mothers’ Day Drive – May 12 – 13, 2019
  • Catch Your Star Drive – Begin on May 25, 2019 and continue until Star is reached!

Councils should extend one or more of these Membership Blitzes into an Extended Membership Campaign.  Holding a 4 to 6-week, Extended Membership Campaign gives constant visibility to the Knights of Columbus.  It allows your recruiters to show the men in your parish that the Knights are there to stay.  Recruiting outside of each Mass for a month or more can build a rapport with those who are not yet Knights.  (Please see the “Chapter Extended Membership Campaign” directions page below.)

The State Council would like to be informed of those councils conducting membership drives and assist those who may encounter difficulties. This year your Council, District, and Chapter are each encouraged to participate in Church Membership Drives as a means of promoting council programs and membership growth. Councils will be asked to submit their Membership Drive Plan by completing this online survey 2018-19 Council Membership Drives.  Each Council is asked to plan the entire year ASAP in order to ensure success.

As soon as possible, at the beginning of the year, please open and complete this

2018-19 Council Membership Drive Plan link.

At the conclusion of each Membership Drive, the Council should report its results by using

2018-19 Council Membership Drive Results link.

Immediately after a Membership Drive or other recruitment activity, the council should conduct an Informational Meeting and Admission Interview at the earliest opportunity.  Then arrange for the candidates to take their Admissions Degree exemplification. The District Deputy or the Grand Knight should explain the Shining Armor Award (covered elsewhere in this section) at each Admissions Degree exemplification.

Here are few Tips in Conducting a Successful Church Drive

  1. Order recruitment materials from the Supreme (allow four to five weeks for delivery).
  2. Get Pastor’s permission to have pulpit announcements.
  3. Advertise in council and parish bulletins and other media outlets.
  4. Mobilize all members of your council. Try to have two or more recruiters at each door or area of the membership recruitment venue.
  5. Set up display tables at every door of the church. Use a canopy and hang recruitment and “Join Us” posters.  Use display boards to show photos with brief captions.  Show awards, K of C basketballs, soccer balls, essay contest submissions, poster contest submissions, etc.
  6. Have plenty of prospect cards, recruitment flyers with name and phone # on the back, prayer cards, and pens/pencils on hand to distribute to each man as he exits the church.
  7. Invite every Catholic man to join the Knights of Columbus.
  8. Schedule one or more Information Night after each recruitment weekend.
  9. Schedule an Admissions Degree Ceremony within two weeks of your recruitment weekend. (You may work with other local Councils to offer more Admissions Degrees.)
  10. Print a flyer with the dates, times, and locations of the Information Nights and Admissions Degrees scheduled.


To facilitate our Brother Knight’s journey to full Knighthood, formation of more degree exemplification teams is encouraged.  Each Council should have an Admissions Degree Team, each District should have a Formation Degree team and each Chapter should have a Knighthood Degree Team.  If for any reason a Council or District cannot form its own team, a council can form a joint Admissions Degree Team with a neighboring Council.  Likewise, a District could consider forming a joint Formation Degree Team with a neighboring district. In addition, we encourage the degree teams to schedule as many exemplifications as possible.  Ideally, each Admissions Degree Team would conduct an exemplification once a month (not necessarily on the council meeting night, but a date convenient for the candidates).  Each Formation Degree Team would hold a 2nd Degree exemplification once every two months.  Each Chapter would schedule a Knighthood Degree exemplification (through the District Deputies) at least once every two months.

Top performing Councils, Districts, and Chapters will be recognized for their efforts.  Awards and incentives ought not to be the sole purpose of increasing our membership.  They are a testimonial to the hard work, dedication, effort, and achievement of the Council, District, and Chapter.  However, true gratification always comes from within – in doing God’s work and spreading the Good News of the Lord.

Dan Lucas
State Membership Recruitment Chair