Is your Council located near any College or University? If so, you have the opportunity to help guide young men in their faith and help to rejuvenate your own Council. Find out if your local community colleges, colleges, or universities already have some form of Catholic campus ministry or Newman Club. Start your efforts there and follow these steps:

1. Contact the college or university to determine if they have a Catholic Campus Ministry, Newman Center, Newman Club, or other Catholic Club.
2. Schedule a meeting with the leader or director of the Catholic group on campus.
3. Find out what the size of the group and what is is already doing to foster the faith of the students.
4. Discuss the kinds of activities and events that a Knights of Columbus Council can do for a parish (or in this case a campus) and go over the “Partial Menu of Services…” (See document below.)
5. If the campus leader decides to ask for the help of the Knights of Columbus, determine if the campus will form a College Council or a Round Table.
6. Go to the New Council Development section to help you to form a College Council or to the Round Tables section for a Round Table.

Keep in mind, that the men you are recruiting on a college campus will include both students and faculty. The majority will be students so these young men will help to rejuvenate your Council. Knights recruited into a Round Table are placed into your Council. Young men recruited into a College Council will be placed in the New Council; however, you could ask them to help you to recruit at your next Council Recruitment Drive.

Be sure to inform the Membership Director of the date and time of any meeting you have scheduled with a College of University leader or directors. He and the College Council Chair will assist you with any questions or problems that may arise.

For more information about College Councils, browse through the College Council portal of the Supreme Website at:

Luigi Zoni
State College Council Chair