The primary purpose of the Cultural Membership Development is to establish a Knights of Columbus presence in an parishes or a parish community. Many of these communities exist in parishes by themselves or along with English speaking communities that may or may not already have a Knights of Columbus council. Thus, in a particular parish, it is possible to have an English-speaking council along with an Cultural Round Table. Many of the members of these Cultural communities either do not speak English or may feel more comfortable communicating in their native language, so this is the primary reason for establishing the Cultural Round Table. For members that are fully bilingual and are comfortable with the English language, an Ethnic Council or Round Table is not necessary.

An Ethnic Council may be established with the pastor’s approval. If there are multiple cultural communities within the parish, a Round Table may be established for each cultural community. The appointed Round Table Coordinator must be bilingual in English and the language of the community to be served. He will serve as the liaison between the council, the pastor and the community.

There is a Round Table kit available in Spanish that contains all the materials necessary to start the Round Table. Please contact, the appropriate coordinator to order your kit or if have any questions on starting your Cultural Round Table. You may click
to download the “Mesa Redonda Parroquial Guía.” It is vital to work with your State Cultural Outreach and NCD Chairman to plan and execute drives, information sessions and Admission Degrees in Spanish or the particular language desired. He will assist you and point you in the right direction if the community is not Spanish speaking.

When initiating membership drives and recruitment efforts, it is important to involve the State and Supreme representatives so that cultural differences are bridged and you can recruit new members into your Cultural Round Table effectively and successfully. Traditional recruiting methods may not work in some cases, so this is the reason for involving these members to help you. It is important to note that when holding open houses, informational sessions and Admission Degrees, hold them on the parish grounds and not at a different site.

Bobby Velasquez
State Cultural Outreach and NCD Chair – Spanish

Sonny Santa Ines
State Cultural Outreach and NCD Advisor