A number of years ago, we were introduced to the challenge of “One Member, Per Council, Per Month”. By following this plan, many Councils have seen their membership numbers grow exponentially. An additional “One Per” Initiative that followed in the past year establishes our strength of unity with our Priests/Pastors: “One Parish – One Council” all for the love of His people.

Since many Parishes in California still SHARE a Council with other parishes, we are motivated this year to identify Pastors whom we know would be best served by having a Parish-Based Knights Council dedicated to EXCLUSIVELY helping that Pastor’s own individual Parish to flourish.

We now have an updated Council & Parish Map for all areas of California:
  • Have each Chapter, in cooperation with all District Deputies in California, review the local maps to identify the parishes in your Chapter that do not have the presence of the Knights of Columbus.
  • Maps have been created for each of the Dioceses in California (see links below): o Parish based Councils – Green. o Parishes covered by Round Tables – Blue. o Parishes with suspended or inactive Councils – Red. o Unassisted parishes, missions, universities, Newman Centers, and           Eastern Rite churches that have not had a previous Round Table (Yellow).
  The Challenge: “One Parish – One Council” By August 1 – Each DD should look for parishes where we could establish a new Council.
  1. DDs should use the maps for their Diocese to select NCD targets: a. Councils that share multiple Parishes b. Mission Churches (if they are large enough to support a Council) c. Round Tables d. Unassisted worship locations within or adjacent to their Districts
  2. Work with Field Agents to define targets a. What are our target Parishes b. When is a reasonable target Dates to start the NCD project
  3. Meet with Pastors – discover how Knights can serve specific Parish needs Please use the Checklist (listed below) entitled: Partial Menu of Services Knights Councils Can Do for Pastors & Their Parishes a. (Most Pastors never turn down help) b. Seek permission to set up opportunities to speak at the Masses

4.  Set the Dates with the Pastor for a. Pulpit Talks      b. Information Dates      c. Admissions Degree Dates (List upcoming Formation & Knighthood Degrees)      d. CHARTER DATE!      e. Installation Date

Following these steps, each Parish can have its own Council in 8 Weeks! Supreme has temporarily lowered minimum member threshold to only 20 to Charter. Council then agrees to recruit 10 or more ASAP within the year. To Establish a New Council: Click on this link to view the Supreme website page for New Council Development. http://www.kofc.org/en/members/membership/council-growth-and-development.html Contact your Chapter President, New Council Development Chair, your DD, your Field Agent, and your area State NCD Chairman or Committeeman
  1. DD and Field Agent are to hold a follow up meeting with the Pastor who requests a new Council. Their action plan needs to include: a. Publicity–Announcements, flyers, and posters encouraging Catholic men to inquire about joining the Knights of Columbus.

   b. Membership Recruitment Drive EVERY weekend until Council is formed. i. Ask Neighboring Councils for Assistance ii. Use District Recruitment Team and Special Action Team iii. Use Assembly Sir Knights to be present at table in full Regalia or New Uniform iv. Schedule around or partner with “existing” parish events, to become more involved with and a part of the parish.

   c. Information nights each week until the Council is formed.

   d. Print a schedule of Admission Degree Exemplifications to be held locally every week during the membership recruitment drive. Ask established Admission Degree Teams to bring their team to the NCD site for exemplifications.

   e. Create a visual to show progress towards Council formation and update it weekly. You could use a vertical thermometer graph that shows the names of the Knights who have joined thus far. Make the goal 20 with it bursting out at 30 to 40 new members making your thermometer with that many lines. Or you can create a “Join Us” poster listing all transfers and prospects who complete a Form 100. Place a “*” star in front of the transferred Brother Knights and others who have completed the Admissions Degree. Tell prospects they will be “starred” when they have attended the Admissions Degree.

2. Once your Action Plan has been formed – print Form #133 “Intent to Establish a New Council” at: http://www.kofc.org/un/en/forms/council/133.pdf 3. Provide weekly updates to your:      a. State Membership and NCD Chairman      b. Chapter New Council Development Chair      c. Chapter      d. Local Councils 4. Remember: once started, keep going every week. Continue to ask for help from your Chapter and local Councils. Let them know your progress. Communication:

This is one of the keys to success in any endeavor, especially in New Council Development. We ask each Chapter to utilize their Special Action Teams comprised of the most energetic and responsible recruiters to work together to help form New Councils. With the DDs and Field Agents, they will work to contact the Pastors of all unassisted Parishes to determine how the Knights may best serve the parish – either via a New Council or a Round Table.

They should also communicate with the Chapter Round Table Coordinator to decide if any current Round Tables could and should be advanced to New Council status. Chapters should send their Chapter NCD Chair’s contact information by the end of July (or as soon as your Chapter makes its appointments). What we need is the following:

  • Name of New Council Development Chair
  • Address
  • Phone (s)

Must have his own email address (or if needed) a friend’s email

Send to attention: Membership@CaliforniaKnights.org and also to state.office@californiaknights.org Remember: The Knights of Columbus were started in 1882 when one Pastor of a Church needed assistance and called the men of his parish together. They became the seed of what we are today: men helping Pastors serve for the glory of God’s Holy Name, in Charity, Unity, Fraternalism, and Patriotism. “In service to one – in service to all”

Keep in mind that establishing New Councils is not only a way to increase your Council, District, and Chapter membership, it is also evangelization since it increases membership in our Parishes. Consider organizing recruitment drives in parishes and ethnic communities that have not been approached or fully tapped. A new Council could make your membership quota for the year quite quickly! Just think about all those Pastors who deserve their OWN Council.

Giuseppe Calderon State New Council Development Chair – English 805-498-8294 sirsicilian@msn.com Salvador Chabolla, Jr. State New Council Development Co-Chair – Spanish 909-920-9791 sal14007@verizon.net