When a council has become inactive there are many reasons this has happened. We cannot always understand the reasons why, but we can restart and reactivate with the proper positive attitude and the willingness of members and former members to participate.

Most important is a meeting with the Pastor. Explain to him what the Council can do for him and his Parish and listen to his concerns. Do not attempt to answer a question of which you are not 100% sure of the answer. Share with him some of the positive aspects:

1. A Knights of Columbus Council helps enrich the men of the Parish Spiritually.
2. Gives the families the opportunity to be protected (via our Outstanding Insurance Program).
3. A Council will allow the men to be active in their community, families and parish.
4. Being part of a council could help men be better fathers, husbands through various programs that they will participate in.

So how do we reactivate a Council?
1) Notify the State Deputy of your intent to reactivate the council.
a) Use this link http://www.kofc.org/en/members/membership/council-growth-and-development.html and you will find “Council Growth and Retention Guidelines” and the “Notice of Intent to Reactivate a Council” under the Council Reactivation section. The links to both of these documents will be at the bottom of the webpage.
2) Meet with the current District Deputy to determine the plan of action and what he would recommend to get started.
3) Notify the Supreme Insurance General Agent or Field Agent responsible for the suspended council.
4) Meet with former Grand Knights and members to determine the reasons why the council was suspended. What were the prevailing reasons? Not enough Activities? No recruitment? Lack of participation? Cooperation at the Parish level? Input from members at meetings?
5) Determine how many members are still listed on the former roster and how many would like to see the council reactivated and their willingness to help with this activity.
a) Ask the State Membership Director for a copy of any Brothers still on the Council roster.
b) Send a request to find any “Lost Brothers” (those with a star next to their names) to Eric Watson ericwats@sbcglobal.net
6) Develop an action plan using Supreme, “Guidelines to Reactivation”. (See link above)
a) At the meeting with the Pastor ask for his help and set dates to plan for drives.
b) Set up a date and time to have a recruiting drive with the Field Agent and members.
c) Plan to use the District Recruitment Team or the Chapter Special Action Team to help and be available to “Kick Start “the Council.
d) Consider inviting wives and remaining members to a special meeting to discuss more information about the Knights of Columbus.
e) At this meeting have some entertainment and light refreshments available as well as having the Fraternal Benefits Representative, Field Agent, present to show more information about the Knights of Columbus.

Remember the Knights of Columbus is a volunteer organization and not everyone is at the same level of participation. Some members will immerse themselves completely in the organization while others will stand around and observe what the organization can do for them. That’s alright, but try your best to get the Brothers active to ensure retention and to strengthen the Council.

Council reactivation is as important as new Council development, and for it to succeed, it takes work, patience and perseverance.

Giuseppe Calderon
Council Reactivation Chairman – English

Salvador Chabolla, Jr.
Council Reactivation Co-Chairman – Spanish