Parish Round Tables

As is well known by every Knight, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney formed the first council of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut.  From that humble beginning, the Order has grown throughout North America and the world.  If the Order is to continue to grow, it is important we have a presence in every parish and community of worship.  How can this be done? One way is to form Round Tables in nearby parishes, or ethnic communities of worship in your own parish that do not have Knights of Columbus representation.

Sponsored by an existing council, Round Tables serve to “reach out” to other churches, ministries and ethnicities in the Catholic community increasing membership and participation.  In parishes where multiple ethnic communities are present and Masses are conducted in more than one language, Round Tables also serve as a unifying influence.  In time, given a significant growth in membership, Round Tables can become councils in their own right.

The first step in forming a Round Table is to meet with the Pastor.  When meeting with the Pastor, it should be explained the Knights are there to help him and his parish.  Review what the Knights have to offer in the way of services, fraternal benefits and volunteerism, and discuss the needs at his parish.  Get the Pastor’s recommendations for leadership, and who should be approached to join.

A Round Table is formed by filling out Form #2629 which is attached to this email, or it can be found online at:  Once formed, the Round Table must be renewed each year by the sponsoring council.

As a leader in your local council and parish community, you are perhaps most knowledgeable about where Round Tables might be formed.  Nearby parishes without councils of their own, mission churches, Newman Centers, colleges, universities and ethnic communities within your own parish are all candidates for Round Tables, and serve to significantly increase the number of men, families and ministries served by our Order.  It takes only a single member to serve as a Round Table Coordinator and provide opportunity for others to join.