John Giltner FDD, PGK

     Worthy Grand Knights, as the Star Council Outreach Chairman, I am tasked to remind councils about missing reports.  I receive a Star Tracker Report twice a month, which shows the status of all councils in California. It is the bases for my contacts.

     It is always good to have your council recognized for the hard work your members perform.  It is also never too early to consider reaching for the stars – “Star Council” I mean.  The first step, and the easiest step, is getting your required forms submitted to Supreme, with a copy to your State Deputy and your District Deputy. You need to submit your Form 365 Service Program Personnel Report, due August 1. This is an important form, so Supreme knows who to provide the chairmen with important information about their programs.  Also required are the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activates Form 1728 due January 31, and the Columbian Award Form SP7 due June 30. 

     I know you will be getting reminders from various levels of the knights’ bureaucracy, but once I get a list of which councils have submitted the required forms, I will tailor my e-mails and phone calls to those council that need a reminder.  The normal procedure is if a form is not submitted to Supreme on time, the State Deputy gets a call.  He then calls the assigned District Deputy, who in turn calls the Grand Knight.  If the District Deputy has a copy of the required form, he can send it to Supreme, eliminating a call to the Grand Knight.  That is why it is always good to keep the District Deputy in the loop. 

     Equally important is the Safe Environment Program.  As part of the Star Council Award requirements, your four key members:  Grand Knight, Program Chairman, Family Chairman and Community Chairman must be Safe Environment certified. This program is designed to protect the youth who participate in council sponsored events. It is a two-hour training session on the Supreme web site –  

     Two other important forms we are tracking, but are not requirements for Star Council, but need to be submitted; are the Form 185 Officers Chosen, due 1 July and the Semi-annual Audit Form 1295  due August 15 and February 15. 

     Have a fabulous year!  I look forward to talking to Grand Knights: it is a thrill for me, but if I call you this year it is because I need your help.  I hope to see you in Ontario at the state convention, if it happens.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

(916) 698-0001