Why an App if your Council, Chapter or Assembly already has a Website…?

As you look around, almost everyone you see has a phone in front of their face or in their pocket.  Whether we agree or not with this NEW normal, this is the reality of today.  Phones with apps are the way people communicate and the way people are getting their information.  To get to a website on the other hand, a Knight has to be at home, or at work where their computer is.  They have to be able to log in, open their browser, and type in the website address.  Brother Knights are not carrying around their desktop or their laptop in their pocket.  With an app, everything about your council, chapter or assembly is one tap away on your phone.  Additionally, there are all of the below features that do not exist in your website.

App Features

Built-in Calendar – The built-in calendar allows all Knights events – degree schedules, events, fundraisers, council meetings – to all be accessible in one single place.

Built-in Poll & Survey – Send out a poll or survey through the app.  This tool will help councils, chapters and assemblies gather information and feedback on events, fundraisers and ideas from Knights, event attendees, supporters and parishioners.

Built-in Photo Album – Upload photos to the app to share moments from events, activities and Fundraisers with Knights, attendees, supporters and parishioners.

Built-in Video Tool – Upload videos to the app to share special video messages, or videos of events and fundraisers with Knights, attendees, supporters and parishioners.

Built-in Newsletter Tool – Newsletters can be added directly to the app.

Built-in Reservations Tool – This app feature allows reservations for events to be made directly through the app.

Built-in Social Media Tool – This app feature allows everyone to keep up on your social media posts and announcements without having to join Facebook or Twitter, or have to be logged into their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If your council, chapter or assembly has a social media account, the Connectu team builds that into your app.  Even if you don’t have a social media account, but you have the Knights app, you will be able to see the social media content.

Built-in Sponsorship Tool – Sponsors can be included in the app through two special sponsor placement sections.

Push Messaging – Each council is able to send push messages, which are messages that appears like text messages, directly to Knights, parishioners, supporters, and event attendees’ phones.

The Knight who will be responsible for sending out push messages will be able to select the push message categories: “Brother Knights” as one category example, “Parishioners” as another, “Event Attendees”, another.  If a message is to be sent only to “Brother Knights”, the app administrator checks that box and the message will only go to that group.

Share Feature – Users of the app can share Knights content directly from the app to their email list, phone list, through social media, and through text messaging.

Website Tool – The app has the ability to integrate a website URL, eliminating the need to visit the website directly.  Include PDF’s in the app – PDF’s that are created can be added to the app helping to make sure everyone see your important news or information.

Include Sign-Up Genius, Volunteer Spot, eVite – Including such volunteer sign-up and event registration forms in the app makes it easy to recruit volunteers and event participants because the form is conveniently provided in the app.

If a council, chapter or assembly has signed up and paid to have their own app, then that council can choose to include volunteer and event sign-ups in their app.  The council can then promote their event to parishioners and friends by saying.. “Download the app, find our council, and you can register or volunteer for the event directly through our app.”

If a council has not paid to have their own app, even if they download the app to their smartphone, they will not find their council.  As well, the council cannot promote to parishioners, friends and family to sign-up to volunteer or attend an event through the app.


App Benefits

Having an app increases the ability to communicate more effectively with Knights, and eliminates the mandatory requirement that each and every Knight needs to be called directly, or has to have a computer to be communicated with – In some circumstances, Knights do not have access to computers or email.  Often times they need to be called to have news shared or to be provided reminders.  Having an app will decrease the need for countless phone calls and the requirement to have a computer to be kept up-to-date.  Through your app, you can send text messages directly to every Knight’s phone, eliminating worry as to whether everyone read your email.

Increase visibility, attendance and participation at Knights fundraising events through the app – At the touch of a button, Knights can share with friends, families and co-workers invitations, sing-ups forms and news about fundraising events.

Use the app to collect dues and sell tickets to events – Online payment services for dues or events can be included in the app and can eliminate the need to send out paper invoices or send out paper tickets.

Use the app to look up other councils, chapter or assemblies – When you have the app on your smartphone, you can look up other councils, chapters or assemblies at any time.  You can learn about their events and activities.

Calendars, events and degree schedules are all easily accessible through the app – Eliminating the need for Knights to have to call, search the web, or look through email to find important dates.

Reach event and fundraising attendees after the event – The app can be used as a tool to reach out to past event and fundraising participants to easily invite them to future events.

Having an app is a great recruitment tool – Today’s younger generation spend more time on their phones then on computers or laptops.  Having an app will help the Knights connect with a younger generation, while also providing visibility to recruits with much needed information about the council.

Decrease Knight administrative volunteer hours needed to run the council – With an app, a council can dramatically decrease time spent on administrative jobs.  Eliminate the need to print out flyers, hand them out after mass, make phone calls about events, or to remind council members of meetings.  This can be completed through the app.

Increase sponsor revenue – With the ability to include sponsors in the app in two ways, council, chapter and assemblies can charge more from sponsors for this increased visibility.

Receive prayer requests and other special need requests – Parishioners and other can send prayer and special requests through the app.  The Connectu team builds and hosts your app – After it is built, training is provided on how to update and use the app.

After the app is built it is entirely up to the council to determine if, or when, they update the app.  The app can be built where no further management is required.  If however, the council would like to promote their events through the app and those events happen four times a year, then the council would need to update the app four times per year, as an example.

In another example, if the council uses the calendar feature that exists in the app and not a Google calendar or iCal, whenever the calendar needs to be updated, the calendar in the app would need an update.  That requires the dame updating as a Google or iCal calendar would.  Lastly, if a council wanted to send out a survey or poll through the app to the members, parishioners, or to recent event attendees, the poll would need to be created and published in the app.