I’m blessed and honored to be elected as your State Deputy for this fraternal year, 2017-2018. I am excited and looking forward to be working with my fellow State Officers, Directors, District Deputies, Chapter Officers, Council Officers and the over 76,000 Knights of Columbus members in the State of California.

Brothers, we have to start this Fraternal Year strong and grow the Order. Recruiting must be the number one priority of every council. It must be the number one priority of every member to grow the Order. The Knights of Columbus attracts members for many reason. Some join for camarade-rie. Others are attracted by the financial benefits of our top-rated insurance program. Others want to serve the church or make a difference in their communities through the various council pro-grams and activities. Many others are attracted to the organization for its emphasis on family life. Regardless of the reason a man chooses to join us, the fact is that members are the backbone of the Knights of Columbus. You cannot conduct programs without members, and you can’t attract members without programs in which they can participate.

We all need to be recruiters. Council and Chapter officers as well as District Deputies, should lead by example and commit to recruit at least one new member themselves. But the real key to our success is retaining the members that we have and keeping them energized. We need to pro-vide Mentorship for our new members so that they do not become disconnected from the council.

The most common reason why men have not joined the Knights of Columbus is that they have never been asked. IT IS UP TO EACH ONE OF US TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERY ELIGIBLE CATHOLIC MAN IS ASKED TO JOIN THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS.

This Fraternal Year, we will also focus in helping councils achieve STAR COUNCIL STATUS. The Star Council Award is a result of achieving both membership and insurance goals, participat-ing in programs, filling up necessary reports and be in good standing. Every council achieving the Star Council Award will be credited with $4.50 for every billable member. That is a big help for councils. I urge District Deputies to schedule at least one Admission Degree Per District Per Month.

So Brothers, let us work together to make this year another great, if not greater year for CALIFORNIA. I know we can do it because we are a TEAM and because we are CALIFORNIA.

Thank you.

Romeo D. Quevedo
State Deputy