My Dear Brothers in Christ…

Before I talk about what happen last month as a State Council, I must first offer my sincere condolences to PSD Ray Warriner for his loss of his wife Purita. As our hearts and prayers go out to his family, that our Lord will be with them to comfort them and bring them peace.  May the perpetual light shine upon Purita, may she rest in peace.

My brothers, as August unfolded, each day I watched our state membership increase, hearing from many of you, as you reported of upcoming recruitment drives. Two New Spanish Councils came in August! Council 17085 in Riverside and our newest council for the state, council 17091 in Pittsburg. Many thanks to DD101 Pona Magana for his efforts to bring in our first council of the year in Riverside. As well as to Manuel Diaz Immediate Past Chapter President of Oakland, Frank Cabrera and Abraham Gonzalez for their success in starting the second Spanish council of this year in the Oakland Diocese Chapter. Because of their efforts and many others throughout the state, California finished in August, eighteenth in membership order wide. Can California do better? Absolutely! One idea, from the Nebraska State Council that I heard at the Supreme membership meeting, is to target eighteen-year-old High school seniors. I have asked our Worthy Membership Director Michael Brault to work with our Chapter Presidents to implement this membership program in our state. My brothers, we have so much potential for growth in our state and as I’ve said for many years now, it starts with membership. If we have more members, we can help more people by raising more money to help those in need and be that strong right arm of the Church. One that picks up many that are in need.  A perfect example of this is our relationship with Special Olympics in California.  I had the opportunity to attend two Special Olympics events in August. The first was in Long Beach, for the annual plane pull and the second event was in Walnut Creek for our “Feed the Athletes” program.  This was the first time we as State Council have done our “Feed the Athletes” program in Northern California. Councils in Northern California and Southern California participated with Special Olympics as a state wide effort both on the same day and the same time, something that had not been done before. The program is done to provide sack lunches for families of the athletes and staff organizers of the events. It was great to see all my brothers working together in brotherhood, and I would like to thank all my brothers for your efforts as the event was a great success. You my brothers truly exemplified the principles of our Order and through your example other men will join us. As they become a part of our great history, men of faith. A history and a tradition of men that were visionaries and believed in our Order. Can we continue their legacy and be those men to make a real change in our state and in our country? I believe we can. Living out our Christian Catholic principles, that all things originate from almighty God and that we are one people under God, that is “One Nation Under God.” Guided by our principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. I believe that anything is possible with God! As long as we have the courage to believe in him. Let this year be the greatest year yet for California, as we bring in more men to join us, to be a part of our proud tradition, and to be those “Simon of Cyrene” of our times, as together we carry the cross of Christ!


Joe Salaiz
State Deputy