My Dear Brothers in Christ…

It is hard to believe September is already here.  Summer vacations are over, children are back in school and it is time to get down to work.  Congratulations to the winners of the August Summer Sizzle membership contest!  Brothers Stephen Hamilton of Council 1375, Patrick Moffatt of Council 4581 and Jose “Pona” Magana of Council 13403 were all the top recruiters during the month of August bringing in 4 new members each.  There were a number of high recruiting districts during August but DD131 Jesse Gonzales in Chino Hills led the field with 8 new members.  Once again, there was a tie for the top recruiting council with Councils 1849 in Sutter Creek, 5803 in Simi Valley and 11724 in Sacramento all bringing in 6 new members during August.  All will receive $100 gift cards to Outback Steakhouse to enjoy the Summer Sizzle!

For September and October, we will continue to recognize top achievers with the “Fall Feast” membership contest.  Again, for purposes of the contest, the count will reset to zero and only monthly intake will count toward awards.  The top recruiter, district deputy and council bringing in the most members during the month of September will win $100 gift cards good at a restaurant in their area.  Scan and email all Form 100s for newly initiated candidates to by noon on Monday, September 30 for them to count toward the contest, or have them join online at

So, I have to ask, is your membership in the Knights of Columbus so exciting you want to share the benefits with other qualified Catholic men?  Many of us will profess Knights of Columbus membership has made us better Catholic men, bringing us closer to our church and families, making us better husbands and fathers and more active in our parish.  I’m sure you all know a man, young or old, whether it be at the Mass you attend, work or a friend who will benefit in a similar way from membership in the Knights of Columbus.  Don’t be shy, share your excitement and ask him to join today!

Our new Faith in Action program offers ample activities promoting charity and spiritual formation, especially for a young man faced with the reality of raising and providing for a young family.  There are many things vying for his attention, and it is important we aid him in focusing on church, faith and family as the center of his life.  If you have not already done so, I would recommend reading Knights of Columbus publication #10831 which describes how the Faith in Action program can be implemented in your council.  It is available through Supplies Online (for those who have access to Officers Online) or on the Supreme website at

The Big Bang Quickstart first quarter membership contest will also be coming to a finish at the end of September with many exciting gifts and prizes.  Even more reason to get those Form 100s in.  Stay tuned for more on this in the October edition of the Golden State Knightletter.

In all that you do, be Knights of Faith – Knights of Charity – Knights of Action!

May God Bless…

Dave Abbott
State Deputy