My Dear Brothers in Christ,

Since the May convention as you elected me to be your next State Deputy, and entrusted me with guiding the ship of state.  Anna and I would like to thank you for your emails, cards and phone calls of best wishes. As we as a State Council all prepare for the year ahead of us, I’m filled with anticipation, to a year dedicated to the blessed Virgin Mary, a year dedicated to faith in action.  To quote the words of our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, “Let us all as Knights redouble our efforts as men of faith-and men of action based on that faith.”

My brothers of California, it is critical that you start planning immediately as council officers. Planning is the key to any successful endeavor we do in life. It is important that you meet with your Pastor of your Church to plan for a calendar of events. The Grand Knight, Program Directors should be the ones present at this meeting. Your District Deputy can and should help you with what is needed for the presentation. Two projects you could share with your Pastor is the “Global Wheelchair mission” and the state wide “Feed the Athletes” program. The first is to deliver Wheelchairs in Mexico and designated areas in California. This is being planned for early 2019; more likely in the month of February. The Mexico distribution of wheelchairs will have us visiting the beautiful churches of Guadalajara, and in Mexico City, in addition to distributing wheelchairs, we will attend Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral, and at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You can consider this a pilgrimage to some of the Holiest places in world. I ask all the councils to support this effort by donating two Wheelchairs for $300.00 to the poorest of the poor.

The second project, “Feed the Athletes” is a partnership with the Special Olympics. Councils in the north for the first time will be able to participate, as councils in Southern California have done by providing food throughout the games. This project exemplifies all of our three principles of our Order and I encourage your council to support this State wide effort, in “Our commitment to LIFE” that all lives matter.

As leaders of our Councils, Districts, Chapters and Field force of Benefit Agents we all have been entrusted to guide this organization into the future, and to guide its growth. As I highlighted a few of our programs, we must remember of the lives changed every day in ways that only we can do. Let me again quote our Supreme Knight, as we invite new men with their families that come into our Order, to have a chance to serve our Church and their communities in ways they never thought they could. It is through our new program of Faith, Family, Community and Life others can discover all we have to offer. Pope Benedict told us that Church has three missions. It has a mission to pray, it has a mission to evangelize, and it has a mission of charity. Our domestic church program simply says the Catholic family has the same mission. It has the mission to pray together, it has the mission to build up each other in the faith, and it has the mission to practice charity among the members of the family and for the family to reach out to other families. How many fewer individual Catholic families would be broken and suffering if we could get our families to pray more, build up each other in the faith, forgive, and reconcile and practice Charity.

My brothers, as the Supreme Knight says, let us be those men of Faith! How fitting as I write this letter on the feast day of St. Junipero Serra to the start our Columbian year in California.

May the Venerable Father McGivney be with us.


Joe Salaiz
State Deputy