The youth today in our parishes and communities are caught on the social media or on electronic devices with no interest in Programs outside that of the schools.  There are a lot of talented youths within our parishes that your council can incorporate into our State Youth Programs.

During your next council meeting, contact your programs chair and suggest one of the following State Youth Programs for this coming 2017-2018.  I know the more we as brothers get our children out and away from their phones and electronic games, or devices, the less chances they’d be caught up as troubled youths.

In the State Youth Programs, there individual Chairmen and committeemen that will help and guide you in their assigned program. These include documents, medals, awards, and detailed requirements for local and State competitions.

There are some programs that include teens in high school.  One such is the 3-point shoot around for boys and girls.  This idea is for Johnny’s older brother or sister not to just doesn’t sit on the sidelines and watch their younger siblings complete but to compete in an event themselves.You’ll have time to network and formulate ideas with any Program Chair during the next State Convention or DD’s Orientation & Midterm meetings.

A composite list of all the Youth Programs for 2017-2018, along with their contact information, phone numbers, email, dates, locations and explanation of an event will be provided.  Specific instructions for local and State competitions are also included.

          Coats for Kids                                         Essay and Poster Contest

          Free Throw Contest                                Soccer Challenge

          Columbian Squires                                 World Youth Day




Joseph A. Ardiente
Youth Activities
California State Chairman