Worthy Brothers,

As we now move into the third month of the Columbian year, I want to thank you for being very active in your parishes and communities. What your councils and our brothers are doing to help Father and reach out to those in need is an inspiration to us all.

We must congratulate our Immediate Past State Deputy, Rene Trevino and lovely wife, Carla for their leadership that took the State to receive one of the highest levels: of recognition from the Supreme Council, the Circle of Honor Award, for reaching our membership goal. In addition, Brother Rene was elected to the very important position of Supreme Director.

Our invitations to men and their families to join our Knights family have been going well. As we bring in new members to the Order not only is it a blessing to those men, but it is also a blessing for us. We are fulfilling the mission to evangelize and spread the word of God that comes to us through the sacraments. We also have the mission that was given to us at the beginning of our Order in 1882 by Father McGivney to bring men and their families to a closer relationship with God and to help those in need.

As many of you know, this year our State is dedicated to Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa. My wife and I chose Mother Teresa some years ago because we felt that she was a saint that everyone knows and that her works are a perfect example of how to live out your faith. Our Knights of Columbus family can relate to her because we have similar goals. When Mother Teresa started her Order of Sisters the Missionaries of Charity it was to serve the poorest of the poor. This year’s theme is a quote of Mother Teresa’s “I can do things you cannot do and you can do things I cannot do but together we can do great things”.

We must continue to reach out to do great things through our “Faith in Action” Programs. Our State Programs Handbook has been released and is posted on the State Website. We live out our faith through our good works.

There is much work to be done now more than ever we need your help and the help of those that we invite to join the great Order of the Knights of Columbus.

Vivat Jesus!

State Deputy 2023-2024


Dear Worthy Knights,

It is indeed a huge privilege to write you where our worthy Former State Chaplain and the first recipient of the 2023 Blessed Michael McGivney Medal, Father John Grace, OSA, has left us to return to his Augustinian community in Ireland.  We are full of gratitude for what he has contributed to the spiritual growth of the Order as well as for what he was able to accomplish when he was the Order’s first Director of Chaplains in 2009. His close collaboration with Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori, has led to his remarkable contributions to the Order with the development of the responsibilities of state and council chaplains. 

As his humble successor, I pledge to be attentive to the invitations and suggestions of Father Grace as spelled out in the 10 Keys to Success as a Chaplain. Father Grace’s contribution provides wisdom and insights especially for our council chaplains who have recently joined the Order and been pondering on how they could effectively minister to the brothers in their respective councils.

I take this opportunity as well to share with you the underlying mission of the Order, which I have constantly heard from the summons of our worthy Supreme Knight, Brother Patrick Kelly, and our worthy Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori, during the Supreme Convention held in Orlando last month. They both stressed the importance of encountering God in our lives. They said that whenever our lives are oriented to Christ, that is, when our lives are formed with right relationship with our Lord Jesus, then it is certainly possible for us to be “First in Faith and First in Charity.”

May I echo the same invitation to you, worthy Brothers, as well as to our worthy Council Chaplains in the state. Our indispensable and foremost mission is to foster a personal encounter with God through the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist. It is necessary that we initially encounter God before we can draw our families, our faith community, and others closer to Him.

As your State Chaplain, I find it my indispensable role to serve as the bridge and the Church’s extension for her efforts this year to fall in love more with the Eucharist from which our God makes Himself present and real. In his address to the convention, our worthy Supreme Knight alluded to the closeness of the terms that truly define who we are as members of the Knights of Columbus. He poignantly emphasized that, “we’re not just Knights of Columbus but we are also Knights of the Eucharist.”

As we find ourselves during this second phase of the national Eucharistic Revival, which is the Year of Parish Revival, we are encouraged to experience a profound renewal in our parishes by engaging in the Four Pillars of the Revival. Let us embark this new Columbian Year in unity with our bishops and parish priests in the United States.

The Four Pillars of the Revival or the Invitations during this Year of Parish Revival are:

(1) The Reinvigoration of Parish Worship, which invites us to renew the way we celebrate the Sacraments.

(2) The Personal Encounter of Jesus, which encourages more intentional encounters of the Real Presence in the Eucharist through Adoration (Holy Hour), devotion in the Blessed Sacrament, and eucharistic processions.

(3) Robust Faith Formation on the Real Presence, which endorses faith sharing groups or small group initiatives such as the Into the Breach and COR.

(4) Mission Sending by participating in the “Invite One Back” to the pews campaign.

Brothers, we cannot achieve these Four Pillars by ourselves. However, our state motto reminds us, “Together we can do great things.” Our collaboration, commitment, prayers and the intercessions of our founder, Blessed Michael McGivney, and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, our state’s patron this Columbian year, will certainly strengthen each of us in being First in Faith and First in Charity. 

Vivat Jesus!


State Chaplain 2023-2024



Dear Brothers and Sisters of California,

As you know there has been a terrible fire on the island of Maui that has destroyed a complete town with the death toll at 93 and climbing. Many are injured, over 2,200 structures have burned, all local utilities are not functioning, and water, food, and shelter are in short supply.

At this time, we have no knowledge as of the direct impact that it has had on our Knights of Columbus Families there but it is bound to be severe. Our State knows well the effects of this kind of tragedy. I ask my Brother Knights of California to step forward to aid our Brothers and Sisters of Maui in their time of need.

Below you will find two letters. The first one is from the State Deputy of Hawaii laying out the ways to donate funds to the ongoing relief effort. The second is from the Bishop of Honolulu identifying the Hawaii Catholic Community Foundation (HCCF) as the diocese organization that is set up to receive online donations.

On this Feast Day of our Order’s founder, Blessed Father Michael McGivney, please be generous in your donation to help the Catholic Community of Maui.

Vivat Jesus!

Brother Greg Marracq
State Deputy 2023 – 2024

KofC Maui Relief - 1
Maui Wildfire Donation Letter


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A Farewell Prayer from Fr. John Grace, OSA

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