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Dear Brothers in Christ,

Let me take this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU from the heart for your participation in the Novena for Life 2023, which brought together literally thousands of life-loving Catholics and other Christians together in the cause of protecting the sanctity of life and family. 

Our fight in this area is not in any way finished. Faith Moves Mountains!

On the recent feast of St. Thomas Aquinas I was reminded of the immense gift of the Eucharist, which Thomas (the Angelic Doctor of the Church) calls “the Bread of Angels.” His term is a reference to the 78th psalm which tells of how God sustained His people in the desert for forty years with manna from heaven.

Here’s the basic truth that struck me – if the manna of the Old Testament can be referred to as “the Bread of Angels,” how much more the Eucharist! Of all the gifts God has given to His Church, the Blessed Sacrament is without a doubt the greatest of them all.

I suspect that the angels – who are pure spirits – may even be a bit jealous that we can take into our physical bodies the substance of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ Himself when we receive Holy Communion worthily.

The Eucharist is the foundation of everything. It is our very life!

As Catholics, we have so much to be thankful for, brothers. We must always remember that, although our battle for souls is hard (and may even get harder as we go forward) Christ sustains us with His own Divinity in the Eucharist. As long as we remain faithful.

The explicit promotion of the Eucharist and increased participation at Mass will become a greater part of our mission in the next calendar year as we throw our full support behind the US Bishops’ Eucharistic Revival that will culminate in the Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis in July of 2024. We will have much more information for you in the future. Stay tuned!

Recently granted an imprimatur, make sure to check out the beautiful, official Prayers in the Pew Eucharistic Revival Prayer Card. Just so you know, prior to the feast of Corpus Christi in June we will have a Eucharistic Revival Novena too!


Last but not least, brethren, don’t forget to spread to your parish(es) the February Prayers in the Pew Newsletter which is up on the Sit Stand Kneel website. [Access it here: February 2023 edition]. The main feature is the wonderful prayer to the great St. Michael the Archangel, which every Catholic should have memorized.

The catechetical section of this newsletter examines the Ten Commandments – really needed in a time like this. See also:

  • The Church’s liturgical calendar for February which ushers us right into Lent (heads up: Ash Wednesday is February 22nd).

  • Saints writings and teachings from the Catechism on our need for the virtues and virtuous living.

  • Each newsletter offers a few scripture passages related to the content on the pages; this time we have two references to St. Michael in scripture.

Never forget that we are united in the Body of Christ, sanctified by the Eucharistic Heart of Christ and bonded together in our brotherhood as Knights. Our motto is purely apostolic: !Siempre Adelante! !Nunca Atras!

My prayers for you and your families as we head into Lent this year. Let’s keep the fires burning!


Rene Trevino
State Deputy

P.S. Please send this message out to everyone including our council officers, council chaplains, and “all parishioners”. Prayers in the Pew Monthly is designed to distribute to every parishioner meeting them where they are. Councils should speak to the pastor to determine his preference whether to include in the bulletin printing, bulletin insertion, handouts after Mass, etc.   


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