Worthy Brothers,

There is still much to be done as we start this last month of the 2023-2024 Columbian year. Our work continues. There really is no finish line, only the next hill to climb, and the next, and the next. The service we do is always needed. We should all be working towards the final push to achieve the goals we have for this year ending June 30th. Once the goals are met, we take off with the plan for next year. The theme from last year still rings true “Always Forward, Never Back”.

Many of our councils are very close to reaching Star Council status. As members of different councils throughout the State, we all must rally around our councils to help collect all the parts of the puzzle that are required for that Star Council status. The members of the councils have worked long and hard to fulfill our mission of spreading God’s Good News and of service to the Church, our families, and the community.

Now is the time to invite those last few men and their families to join us in our mission of faith and service so that we can hit our membership numbers. Another part of the puzzle is Fraternal Benefit Events attendance which is really about exposing what the insurance side of our Order has to offer to our families for their protection and future security. Plus, we must submit the form #11077 for the event.

Continuing through the puzzle pieces next would be Safe Environment Training which is all about the members being proactive with the knowledge that is needed to protect the children in our families and the parish communities. Only the Grand Knight and three Directors need to take the training. And of course, the remaining parts of the puzzle are a few forms, we all know that if we don’t file the forms then it didn’t happen. Forms for the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (form #1728) and the Columbian Award (form SP-7) which is just a list of the programs that your councils have done this year.

Becoming a Star Council is a testimony to the health of the council. It shows that the council is growing and will be around well into the future and that it is actively engaged in our Faith in Action Programs and other local events. The council is always working for the benefit of the Church, its families and those in the community. All those puzzle pieces when they come together creates a beautiful picture.

My Brothers, I thank you and your families for all that you have done this past year and all that you will do into the future. You have accomplished much at all areas and all levels of the Order. Be very proud of all that has been done. Always remember that being a Knight of Columbus is an honor and a calling. You must know that you have been chosen to live out your faith through you good works and deeds. Our complete theme this year has been “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things.” And we have done great things together for God’s greater glory as it has always belonged to him. 

Vivat Jesus!

State Deputy 2023-2024


Dear Worthy Knights,

It has truly been an enriching experience for me to serve with the State Officers and work closely with our State Deputy, Brother Greg Marracq. I’m blessed to be a part of this wonderful fraternity that continues to engage Catholic men and their families into living out their faith through the various programs of the Knights on Faith, Family, Community and Life.

As I began my role as your State Chaplain a year ago, I expressed my prayer that all of us would have a profound renewal of our faith in the Real Presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist. This was prompted by the US Bishops’ undertaking to hold a three-year observance of Eucharistic Revival, which will culminate with the 10th National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis next month. Our Order has been committed to supporting this national undertaking and to collaborate in the work of reversing the alarming statistic on the general Catholic population that say our Lord Jesus is only symbolically present in the Eucharist.

I have periodically encouraged our State Officers, District Deputies, Chapter Presidents, Grand Knights as well as my brother Chaplains to unite ourselves with our Bishops and their priests by engaging our brother knights in the parishes through the promotion of the Eucharistic devotions, particularly the Holy Hours and Eucharistic Processions. I believe, the intentionality of engaging the knights to these devotions would not only draw them and their families closer to the Eucharist. Through their love for the Eucharist, they would attract other Catholic men to join our Order.

We have seen this happen in my own council, Saint Augustine Council 9714. On October 31, 2024, the anniversary of the beatification of our founder Blessed Michael McGivney, Council 9714 will be observing its 5th year of faithfully carrying out its First Wednesday Holy Hour that is prayed before the Blessed Sacrament for the Canonization of our founder, Blessed Michael McGivney, for an increase in Vocations and for the Sanctity of Life. In addition, several of the newly exemplified members of the council were recruited from their involvement witth the parish holy hour.

Dear worthy brothers, Saint Augustine Council 9714, and perhaps some other councils in the State have proven it. Our Eucharistic devotions, especially those led by the Knights, will certainly attract others to join our Order. It is our Lord Himself whom we ask that they serve and spend time with.

Truly, it has been my primary task to be the Church’s liaison to the Order by promoting the love of the Eucharist from which our God makes Himself present and real. Our worthy Supreme Knight, Brother Patrick Kelly, cannot emphasize it more when he pointed out the closeness of the two terms that often refer to the members of our Order. He and his predecessor, Brother Carl Anderson, often reminded us, “We’re not just Knights of Columbus but also Knights of the Eucharist.”

Vivat Jesus!

State Chaplain 2023-2024

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