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Links and descriptions for recorded State Training webinars

  1. Training and FS Responsibilities. This combined session will explain what training is available and how you can access it.  It will familiarize you with your responsibilities.  Dec 2022  Please contact for access

  2. Member Management for Administration for New FS/GK/FN/FC. This introductory session covers the administrative process, record keeping, communications and required reports for officers with Officer Online access.   Rev Jan 2023   Please contact for access

  3. Assessing and billing Dues, Retention overview. This presentation addresses all the steps involved in the preparation, assessment and billing of annual dues. In addition, the Retention process and the Financial Secretary responsibilities in that process will be discussed.  Some Financial Secretaries are using Member Management partially for issuing 1st notices, but are not recording payments received and are not continuing the billing process for the year. This session will help you unwind some of the issues created, reduce manual efforts and support the retention process.   Rev Nov 2023   Please contact for access

  4. Conversion to Member Billing for accounting and financial processing. This presentation addresses the conversion to Member Billing for your accounting and billing responsibilities. It demonstrates creation of accounts using the format of the Faith in Action programs and greatly simplifies the budgeting and audit procedures.

    The beginning of a new Fraternal or Calendar year is an excellent time to begin, but any time is acceptable to review the process, decide on how you want your accounting to appear and launch the new environment at the start of the next quarter.  Rev Dec 2022 Please contact for access

  5. Entry of new members directly into Member Management and reporting of Elected Officers and appointed Chairmen (185/365). For FS and GKs  This pre-recorded combined session explains entry of new or incoming transferring members and reinstating members directly into Member Management and reporting election of Officers and appointment of Directors to Supreme, State, Chapter and District Deputies.  Addresses issues that pertain to Star Council eligibility.  Rev Nov 2023Please contact for access

  6. This introductory session pertains to reporting Elected Officers and Appointed Chairmen (185/365 only). For FS and GKs    Brief session on a “BETTER WAY” rather than manual forms and submissions.  Rev Sep 2022
    Please contact for access

  7. Video to enter new members and transfer existing members.  Please contact for access

  8. Video to demonstrate the responsibilities and performance of council semi-annual audits. This video provides step by step instructions on the preparation of the semi annual council audits and  explains who is responsible for the completion.  The GK and Trustees must conduct the audit and the FS and Treasurer are not to be present. Please contact for access

  9. Introduction to training for current and future Council Officers & Leaders This newest session is an overview of training available for current and future Council Officers, Chairmen and interested members.  This will show how you can learn more about your current and your future roles in your council.  Topics include Supreme Council’s Officer Online system to include a tour of videos on procedures, member recruitment and current programs.   Rev Nov 2023  Please contact for access

Financial Secretaries should begin to use Member Billing applications for receipt and disbursement of funds, for billing and simplification of the future audit process!

For further information about State Council Training, please contact Brother Ed Broadhurst, State Training Chairman at