Demonstrate your faith to me without works, and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works. James 2:18


There are programs under Faith Activities that are very familiar to virtually every brother knight and every council. For instance, most every council participates in RSVP, the Rosary Program and the Holy Hour. But, despite the efforts to promote all the programs, some are less familiar, or the resource is scarcely utilized such as the Marian Icon Devotion, Spiritual Retreats, Sacramental Gifts, Into the Breach, the various Priest Martyrs Programs, and Building the Church Kiosk.

This year, I challenge and encourage each council to expand its evangelization of faith activities by adding at least one new Faith Activities program that you have never implemented or utilized. For instance, consider placing a Building the Church Kiosk in your parish center and keep it stocked at all times. Contact the Marian Icon chairman to have the Icon brought to your parish for a week and conduct a week of nightly prayer and devotion. Order a few copies of Bishop Olmstead’s apostolic exhortation, Into the Breach, to promote discussion and enrichen your parish community’s faith formation.

Reach out to at least one of the chairmen or committeemen under Faith Activities and invite him to speak about his program. There are a few chairmen and committeemen spread throughout the State for various programs. Finally, if you have any questions, reach out to me so I can be a resource to help you to promote the Faith Activities back into your council.

Matthew P. Troiano, Director
(925) 493-1137