My Brothers,

We are at 5 New Councils this Columbian year, the latest is Council 17933 District 96 – Lake Balboa
We have over 80 Councils that are at 100% or greater on Membership
We have over 20 Districts at 100% of quota and 50 at 75% of quota.
We are working our way up the leaderboard for ONLINE Membership. We are currently ranked 4th in percentage against target
ONLINE Current Fraternal Year
2021-2022 Target New Members YTD (As of 3/9/2022) New Members YTD (As of 3/16/2022) Gains from previous week % of Target FY 2021-2022 Council Conversions Percent FY Council Conversions
1992 1202 1249 47 63% 509 41%
Great job, however we still have much more to do.
We need to keep on pushing and utilize the full court press as we battle our own March Madness.
Keep the Exemplifications going, continue to use the tracking on the google sheets.
If you have any questions pertaining to the membership google sheets contact Micheal Brault the State Membership Director.
Remember your State Family is here to help you, call us and let us know what you need.

Yours in Service
Dr, Noel Panlilio
State Deputy, 2021-2022

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