Worthy Brothers,

Congratulations on achieving a servant leadership position in the Knights of Columbus. It is a great honor and privilege to serve with you as your new Membership Director this Columbian Year. My vision is to further Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s mission by enhancing our recruitment efforts to protect Catholic families as well as support our bishops and priests in exercising their ecclesial and teaching authority. Let us continue in our quest to grow the Order through the grace of God and the intercession of Mary, our Mother.

As we return to normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic, our State Council, under the guidance and leadership of our Worthy State Deputy, Bro. Greg Marracq, implores us to grow the California jurisdiction through new creative initiatives and emphasis on the future and continuity of the Order. 

To sustain membership growth, we will focus on the following key areas to include promoting family protection through the insurance arm of the Order, spearheading Delta Church Drives, building relationships and councils with the Eastern Catholic rites, Vietnamese and Hispanic council development, creating Young Men’s Council’s in areas near college towns and Catholic high schools, etc.

In cooperation with our Programs Director, Bro. Hector Poblete, our Operations Director, Bro. Gene Hays, and our EFF (Evangelization and Faith Formation) Director, Bro. Jimmy Aitchison, I believe that we have the ability and the resources to grow our membership and become “fishers of men” as Jesus said. 

To all our brother Knights located throughout the state, every one of you is a recruiter (One Member, Per Council, Per Month), but the best recruiters are your wives and children.  Please include them and invite whole families as we are the largest Catholic, fraternal, family organization in the world.  Let us be proud of our mission and heritage!

We will continue to engage our regional Chapters this Columbian Year by continuing with the state-wide Engagement Teams (comprised of the designated Engagement Team Leads and the respective Chapter Vice-Presidents) with the focus on resurrecting inactive councils as well as prioritizing councils that have not recruited a single member in over three years.  The leads will report to the Engagement Team Chair as they work with their respective Chapters.  As they complete the assigned targets and tasks, we will have more for them moving forward.

Finally, our membership team will put a primary focus on the Star Tracker.  There is no reason why we all need to see a sea of red on these reports.  We will have a chairperson whose sole responsibility will be to follow up with councils and chapters regarding the submission of reports, especially safe environment training.  As Catholic men united in charity, the safety and protection of our children is paramount. 

We look forward to serving with you and your families.  We ask you to embrace our State Deputy’s theme for the year – Together we can do great things!

Membership Goals

  1. Follow the vision of our founder, Blessed Fr. Michael J. McGivney, and protect the Church of the Home;

  2. Grow the Order and be in solidarity with our bishops and priests;

  3. Engage our families through faith in action programs, evangelization, and faith formation; and

  4. Empower our councils to become vehicles for men and their families to exercise true discipleship and stewardship with Christ as our model of holiness.

Thank you and God bless!



Bro. Edward Dantes
State Membership Director 2023-2024