Thomas H. Quintana

My Brothers,

The Shining Armor Award Program is a voluntary program for the brand new member of the local council designed to have that member become involved in the activities of the council including membership recruitment.

The District Deputy should present the Shining Armor Award tracking card to the new member at the conclusion of the Admission (1st) Degree. In absence of the District Deputy, the host Grand Knight or the Supreme Council Insurance Representative should insure that the new member receives this card.

For this Columbian Year, there are 2 types of Shining Armor that will be awarded:

  1. Shining Armor Member Award
  2. Full Armory Award

The following are the requirements for the Shining Armor Member Award:

  1. Recruit one member (1st year) or two members 2nd year and beyond
  2. Participate in three or more Council activities (Church, Community, Council, Family & Youth)
  3. Complete 1st, 2nd, and Knighthood (3rd) Degrees
  4. Meet with Fraternal Benefits Coordinator (Field Agent)
  5. Attend three or more Council meetings (For Supreme Shining Armor Award)

The following are the requirements for the Full Armory Award:

  • Awarded to District Deputies (DD) who have submitted one or more Shining Armor Award, from each of his Councils, during the Columbian year
  • DD must track the recruiters within his District
  • DD encourages recruiters to bring in one more member

It is recommended Full Armory Awards presented at regional Chapter Meetings and/or Knighthood (3rd) Degree Exemplifications.

Note: Following are goals related to the Shining Armor Award this Columbian Year:

  1. At least one Shining Armor Award in each council this Columbian Year
  2. One or more Full Armory Awards in each Chapter this Columbian Year

In the case of new members, the Shining Armor qualifying activities need to be completed within one year from the date of the Admission (1st) Degree taken by the new member. A certificate, signed by the State Deputy and Membership Director, and a specially designed lapel pin will then be presented to the Shining Armor Award recipient, preferably at the conclusion of an Admission (1st) Degree in front of brand new members of our Order.

Looking over the required activities, you can see where the council benefits with an involved member. Brothers are more likely to stay a member after completing the Knighthood (3rd) Degree. Families will benefit if a Knight becomes an insured member. Finally, our new Brothers have the opportunity to offer the gift of membership when they recruit another man into the Order.

Appropriate recognition will be made at the State Convention in May 2021 for the council that has the most Shining Armor Award qualifiers in their Council between July 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021.

Completed Shining Armor Award tracking cards should be forwarded to your District Deputy who will forward the Shining Armor Award Program Qualification Submittal Form to the State Shining Armor Award Program Chairman for processing. Information can also be entered online using the form located at CA Shining Armor Award Request.

For additional information about the Shining Armor Award program, feel free to contact me personally. Shining Armor Award tracking cards can be obtained by calling the State Office at (909) 434-0460, or via e-mail at Fraternally, Thomas H. Quintana Shining Armor Awards Chairman 626-230-1370


Thomas H. Quintana
Shining Armor Awards Program Chairman
2801 W. Shorb St.
Alhambra, CA  91803