My Brothers,

The Shining Armor Award Program is a voluntary program for the brand new member of the local council designed to have that member become involved in the activities of the council including membership recruitment.

The District Deputy should present the Shining Armor Award tracking card to the new member at the conclusion of the Exemplification. In absence of the District Deputy, the host Grand Knight or the Supreme Council Insurance Representative should insure that the new member receives this card.

The following are the requirements for the Shining Armor Member Award:

  1. Recruit one member (1st year) or two members 2nd year and beyond
  2. Participate in three or more Council activities (Church, Community, Council, Family & Youth)
  3. Complete the Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity
  4. Meet with Fraternal Benefits Coordinator (Field Agent)
  5. Attend three or more Council meetings (For Supreme Shining Armor Award)


For additional information about the Shining Armor Award program, feel free to contact our State Membership Director. Shining Armor Award tracking cards can be obtained by calling the State Office at (909) 434-0460, or via e-mail at