With our entire Culture of Life Activities Team of CY 2016-2017 agreeing to serve again for CY 2017-2018, we are blessed with the opportunity to build on our successes and make improvements where they may be possible to achieve as We want to be resources for You! 

This arrangement lends itself appropriately to the fact that while each year brings new and different challenges to building a Culture of Life in our secular-dominated society, our overriding purpose remains to help those who believe with us in the sanctity of human life as a reflection in the image of its architect and Creator – our God.

Following the lead of Supreme, we will tie-in and partner with the goals of the Domestic Church Program as we seek to “Save Lives by Changing Lives” with our various recommended Culture of Life Activities Programs, such as Ultrasound Initiative, Walk for Life, Wellness Program and the A.C.E. Wings Award.

Our roles call for Brother Knights to engage Pro-Life Centers in their local communities to provide them with volunteer man hours, financial assistance, prayers for, and peaceful public witness, to cause unborn and born through life’s natural end to be saved from the darkness of despair that only sees eliminating people as ultimate “solutions” to today’s problems.


Please acquaint or re-acquaint yourself with the details of our various Culture of Life Programs that follow. We also appreciate you sharing your ideas and pro-life successes with us.

And . . . Make use of the Personal Contact Information we provide to CALL, TEXT, or EMAIL any of us to Be the Difference for Life as a Knight of Columbus in this Columbian Year.


Thank You Fraternally,

For Life . . .


Hugh Largey
Culture of Life Activities
California State Chairman