Our Culture of Life Activities Program for this CY 2020-2021 provides even more choices for Brothers to find ways to majorly make a difference and impact our secular-dominated world for the good. This is always based on our unshakeable knowledge that all life is precious because we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

Enthusiastically, we look forward to implementing Supreme’s new “Faith in Action” Model building the Domestic Church. Our Culture of Life Program Activities all share a common thread based on the agreed concept that supporting Pro-Life – Pro-Family Life.

As you read through our Culture of Life Program Chairmen’s Articles you will find fulfillment in whatever aspects pique your interest, from engaging in new group activities outside in the community to mainly operating from the confines of your home.

Please take the time to read each of the following articles from our Culture of Life Chairmen. They will refresh your Pro-Life Spirits on what our associated diverse Culture of Life Programs offer to “Save Lives by Changing Lives”. There’s something here for everyone!

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We want to be your resource! So, we also invite you to CALL, TEXT, or EMAIL us with info on what  successful Cu lt u re of Lif e Act ivit ies you ’ve b een doin g for a two-way dialogue and to share with others.

Thank You Fraternally,

For Life . . .

Richard Marciniak
Culture of Life Director
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