As we begin the Columbian Year of 2021-2022, our California Culture of Life Programs will enable Brother Knights, their families, and others to make a substantial difference in how Life is
viewed and impacted in a world that seems to have lost its way. Each of these areas enable us to truly live how we view the preciousness of Life from Conception through Natural Death. Each
Life is important in how it shows God’s Love for us and how we live our own life and how we treat others.

We are now well into the Faith in Action programs within the Domestic Church and our Culture of Life Program Activities inter-weave their threads throughout in reaffirming Pro-Life and ProFamily. We have many substantive areas for you to be involved in, from Activities that you can support individually or in groups and locally, regionally, or state-wide. If you are already involved in one or more areas, re-affirm your commitment, and spread the word. If you have not yet found your area of interest, pick one (or more) of the areas and see what one person can contribute.

Please read over each of the following articles from our Culture of Life Chairman to (re)learn about the activities and directions of each area. If you have an idea for a new Life program that
can fit into one of the areas, contact that Chairman to discuss it. We have a lot of diverse programs, but we need not be constrained in the ways that we can support life through our
Pro-Life activities. Additional ideas are always welcome. We are all part of God’s Family.

So, communicate with those of us in the State Family and especially with the Chairmen of each
of the Culture of Life Activities areas with your ideas, offers and commitment to be involved.
We are your resource, because together, we will have a successful year of Culture of Life
Activities as we return to being able to come together again.    
Fraternally for Life,

Dale Pittman, Chairman

(626) 864-135