Mark Padilla

At the start of this new Columbian Year, we navigate waters that bring fear and doubt as to the pandemic amongst us. Yet, we persevere with our faith and prayer, asking for God’s mercy and the world to gather and bring relief to the unjust suffering. No greater time than now are College Councils called to form and place Faith in Action.

College councils celebrate 112 years of formation, beginning with Notre Dame Council in 1477 in the year 1910. In October, the College Councils Conference, 57th in its existence, will take place for the best of networking and leadership training in New Haven, Connecticut.

Starting a college council takes five steps. They are completion of form 136, Notice of Institution of New Council, 20 men who have exemplified and forwarded their form 100 to Supreme, an election of officers having taken place and completing forms 185, Report of Officers Chosen for the Term, and 365, Service Program Personnel Report, an appointment of a Financial Secretary, and appointment of a Chaplain.

The College Councils department is ready to assist, and can be reached via email at Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the link:

Your California State Chair is ready and able to assist with the steps to forming a council, and feel free to contact me at, or call mobile 619-980-3313.

Let’s make this a year of remembrance as we overcome the obstacles and fears of what surrounds us. Be Bold and willing and ready to serve your college and immediate communities which look forward to Knights’ presence and action.

Vivat Jesus!

Mark Padilla