My Brothers,

One program that can yield considerable opportunities for prospects is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).  Every Easter season a fresh class of enthusiastic new Catholics join our Church.

The Knights of Columbus can and should be an integral part of the ongoing formation for these new Catholics, especially the men.  Every Council should support and have members participating in the RCIA ministry, offering guidance to the new Catholic men and women joining our faith.  When male candidates complete RCIA on Holy Saturday, they can (and should) become Brother Knights.  The RCIA graduate is powerfully aided in living out his new faith.

From the “On This Rock, Blogspot” we find that “50% of RCIA Leave the Church Within 5 Years” (  Posted on this Blogspot is a homily that promotes the first five Precepts of the Church as a means to keep new Catholics involved in their faith after RCIA.  We Brother Knights strive to follow the precepts of the Church so associating with us will help the men of the RCIA to strengthen their new-found faith.  So it makes sense that they should be encouraged to join the Knights as soon as possible after their Baptism into the Church.

RCIA candidates also learn how charity and mercy are the most important characteristics of our faith, and how love of God and neighbor is in fact the essence of our faith.  There is no better way for men and their families to live this standard than by joining the Knights of Columbus.  Charity, unity and fraternity are the hallmarks of the Order, and have been since our founding.

There you have it; urgent reasons why all Councils should offer the opportunity of membership to men graduating from RCIA.  Consider holding a reception for your parish’s RCIA graduates welcoming them to our Church and Order.  The Order benefits by adding new, enthusiastic members.  The Church benefits by having new members who are off to a great start by serving the Church and their fellowmen as Knights.