Michael Brault

We are moving forward into a digital age and Online Membership is your ticket to bring Prospects into the Order and then into your Council. Young men especially are focused on digital communication and data entry.

Call our State Office at 909-434-0460 to request that the QR Business cards be sent for your Council’s use. The QR code takes a Prospect directly to the Online Membership application form. You may also ask a Prospect to go to KofC.org/Join to get to that same online application page.

Promote the use of the Online Membership card “I am a Knight” (form 10919) and the flyer “Why Join” (form 10537).

Write your Council number and Membership number on these forms and ask the Prospect to use those numbers when completing his Online application.

Let Prospects know that they can have one-year, free online membership if they apply online and use the promo code BlessedMcGivney when signing up.

                                                           Why Join Brochure

Any Brother can be a recruiter using these tools if he gives them to a Prospect and asks him to look over the flyer and the website KofC.org/JoinUs to find ways that membership will help him and his family. The Prospect then recruits himself!

These are some great reasons that Councils should use Online Membership to replace the paper (or online version) of the Form 100:
1. The Prospect completes the Membership Application online, usually using his own device (cell phone, tablet, or computer). Ask him to carefully check all information as he types it so that all spellings, email addresses, and phone numbers will be correct and legible.
2. The Prospect pays $30.00 membership fee (sometimes there is a discount offer) in order to submit his application and become an Online Brother Knight. He has a vested interest, since he has paid his fee, to move on to membership in a Council.
3. The Online Brother is sent a membership card and is able to attend Council meetings and functions just like a Brother visiting from another Council. This allows him to visit a Council to decide if that Council meets his needs as a Knight.
4. Once the Online Brother selects (or is assigned to) your Council, his Contact Information is in the Prospect tab on Officers Online or Member Management for the District Deputy, the Grand Knight, and the Financial Secretary to view.
5. The Council Admissions Committee still has the right and duty to interview the Brother and recommend him to the Council for voting for admission (or not with valid reasons).
a. If the Council dues is other than $30.00, inform the Brother of the proper dues for the Council and arrange for payment of the balance if needed.
b. Supreme will credit the $30.00 online dues (less any Per Capita already assessed) to a Council once the Brother is transferred into the Council.

  1. Once the Council has voted for the Online Brother, arrange for him to attend the Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity (either live or online).
  2. Upon completion of this Degree, the Financial Secretary can “Accept” him from the Prospect tab and the Brother is automatically transferred into the Council.


When the prospective member completes the Online Membership Form on the Supreme web site, an email is automatically generated and sent to the State Membership Director and Online Membership Chairman. The email is then forwarded to the appropriate local leadership for action. It is important the Online Brother be contacted right away, and a determination be made on the best council for him to join. Many factors go into determining his assigned Council including his city of residence or work; the parish attended and his preferred language. Having determined the best Council for membership, the prospect’s information is forwarded to the appropriate Grand Knight and Financial Secretary for an Admissions Committee interview and, if the Brother is found to be eligible, the Brother should be invited to an Exemplification.

It is essential to act on all eMembership emails on a timely basis, and to do the follow-up quickly.  Contacting the Online Brother can be done by the District Deputy, Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, Council Membership Chairman or Field Agent. For the program to be effective, it is important the final outcome (whether the prospect has joined your Council or not) be reported back to the State leadership (email: mbrault54@gmail.com).

Experience shows that putting a monthly advertisement in your Church bulletin asking Catholic men to visit the KofC.org/JoinUs web site helps those interested gentlemen to join our Order. Just put an ad like this one in your church bulletin:

“If you are interested in serving our parish and our community, helping those in need, and growing in your faith, then the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you. You can get additional information and find out how to join the Knights in your local council by going to the Supreme web site “KofC.org/JoinUs

Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries and Council Membership Chairman, if an eMembership message comes to you, please act on it right away and set the admission process in motion – then . . . FOLLOW-UP . . . FOLLOW-UP . . . FOLLOW-UP!

Yours in Service,

Michael D. Brault
CA Online Membership Chair
Phone: 619-548-3190