The scope and use of social media is continually changing—what was once used only to connect with friends is now also a tool for your council to connect to your parish and reach out to the greater community. As social media continues to evolve, it is important to understand and take advantage of the opportunities these innovations afford us, within both our local and global communities. Your council can increase its impact by having a positive, relevant, and engaging presence online.

A council’s social media profile is not only a representation of your council in your parish and community, but of the Order in its entirety. As such, each council should model its social media presence after that of Order. Sharing content from the Supreme Council’s social media pages and maintaining a positive presence online are important ways to advance the Knights of Columbus’ values in both the virtual and the physical world.

Below, you can find articles originally printed in Knightline’s Social Media 101 Column, designed to help bolster your council’s social media presence, whether you’re just starting out on Facebook or have an audience of thousands!

For additional resources and guidance, feel free to contact the Supreme Council Social Media Team. You can send inquires to

Where to Begin

With more than 80% of online adults using social media today, it can be a powerful tool to communication with your members, reach out into your parish and diocese communities, and recruit new Catholic men into the Order! Read More

Responding to the Nay-Sayers

While your council’s Facebook page will attract followers who are genuinely interested in the work the Knights do locally and around the world, sometimes you may receive a negative comment on a post, and it can be difficult to know how to address it in a professional manner. Read More

Making the Most of Social Media in 2018

In the past year, more people than ever before used social media. 68% of all American adults logged in to Facebook alone in 2016!* Experts project that social media use will only continue to grow in coming years. Read More

Politics + Social Media: KofC Rules

As Catholics, and as Knights of Columbus, each of us is called to faithful citizenship—to live out our Catholic faith in our public lives as well as our private lives. But how to do this, especially when representing yourself as a knight on social media, is not always clear. Read More

Why Follow #KofC?

At the end of each fraternal year, the Knights of Columbus social media asks our nearly 150,000 Facebook followers—many of whom are brother knights—what they gain from following the Order on social media, and what they hope to accomplish online and in their parish communities in the coming year. Read More

What Great Content Looks Likes

What exactly does “good” content look like? And where can you find it? Read More

Capturing That “Kodak Moment”

A recent study has found that online visual content is viewed 94%  more often than online textual content.* In light of this staggering statistic, every council with a Facebook page should make posting good photos a priority in order to boost engagement from your audience. Read More

Rules of Privacy on Facebook

Often, we feel we’re in a bubble of our family and friends on Facebook. In the case of your council’s Facebook page, however, we should remember how public the social networking site truly is. Be sure your council’s page follows privacy etiquette and the Order’s Social Communications Policy. Read More

Social Media Basics

Did you know that 75% of U.S. adults using the Internet are also social media users*? With so many of us online and on social media, it makes sense for your KofC council (and assembly) to be there too. Read More

Boost Your Council’s Christmas Events

As Catholics prepare for Christ’s birth, Knights and their families lead their parishes in organizing charitable events that exemplify not only our dedication to serving others, but also the true spirit of the season. Read More

Civility in Politics Online

Although many use politics to divide people, the Knights of Columbus, with our Nonpartisan National Get Out The Vote Program, maintains that faithful citizenship can be practiced toward a goal of unity. Read More