During admission into the Knights of Columbus, we learn about the importance of charity. Many of our brother Knights joined the order to practice charity in our churches and community. When I look at the size of the great state of California, I also see the diversity of the state. Every single council has a different and unique environment for opportunities to serve your community. I want to encourage each council and especially each Grand Knight, to look around their community to identify where the council can help out.

Here are some spots to look for: military base, VA hospital, prison, homeless shelter. How can your council help out in our communities? The number of options for improving our communities and help out our neighbors is endless. When we help build a community in our neighborhoods, we are helping build our human family.

Pope Francis during one of his morning meditation, discussed “the culture of encounter” where he said, “work and ask for the grace to build a culture of encounter, of this fruitful encounter, this encounter that returns to each person their dignity as children of God, the dignity of living”.

There are many examples which the Knights of Columbus encourage each council to participate.  These include Habitat for Humanity, American Wheelchair Mission, Veterans Assistance Program, Columbian Foundation, and Second Responders. But our communities our extremely diverse and I encourage each council to find a unique way to help out your communities. I have seen many great examples of community activities that have come from councils ranging from participating in Adopt-a-Highway program to opening a recycling center, from donating money and time to Get on the Bus to helping out with adult literacy programs.

Over this Columbian year, I would like to encourage councils to send me ways your council is improving the community around them. And every quarter I plan on to share those programs throughout the state.

A simple idea or program in one council can spark an idea or new program in another council. Remember that a community can look big but it is the little actions that make some of the biggest impacts.


Vivat Jesus!

Jeff Lambert
Community Activities
California State Chairman