My Brother Knights,

The Community Activities Committee is composed of numerous essential activities such as: Youth (Basketball Challenge, Soccer Challenge, Essay and Poster Contests) Helping Hands, Veterans Initiatives, and Coats for Kids (a feature program), Wheelchair Mission (featured program), Leave No Neighbor Behind (featured program) and Habit for Humanity (featured program) and less known Educational Program, Volunteerism and At Risk Youth Outreach. These programs work to ensure success of the overall Service Program, but as a visible fulfilment of the charity portion of our First Degree. As these programs engage in works of mercy, the Knights become more visible  to Catholic and non-Catholics.  We are engaged in caring for the Good Shepherd’s flock. Councils are encouraged to participate in these community programs. Review the program details in the manual, and for more information or to discuss your council’s ideas contact the listed chairman.

The Domestic Church Initiative asks us to preserve the faith of our youth. Many of the Community Activates fulfil the directive. You are asked to review the Community Activities your council can successfully accomplish. Many are simple one day events. Place them on your calendar at the start of the Columbian Year, so your brothers know when to allocate their time.

One additional suggestion: It is easy to do the same program each year. Please select a program your council has not done like Coats for Kids or a Poster Contest and undertake it or do a Wheelchair Sunday. You may find this gives new energy to your brothers.

Your Community Activities Team stands ready to assist your council in a personal way. We are here to serve you as you serve others.


Programs Chairman