Michael Brault

My Worthy Brothers,

The Knights of Columbus, founded by a young parish priest now on the path to sainthood, helps strengthen men, their families, their parishes and their communities and has done so since 1882. Today, there are more than 1.9 million members across the world.

The Knights of Columbus stands as the strong right arm of the Church and challenges members to grow in their faith through our Faith In Action programs.  When implemented properly, programs become our recruitment and retention tools.  We are not only recruiting the man, but the Family as well. It is important for a Husband and Wife to stand together in support of the Knights, not only for council success, but for its growth.


MEN WHO LEAD – The world needs Catholic men to step up and live out their faith. The Knights of Columbus helps men to answer that call to do more, and to be more.

MEN WHO PROTECT – Your family deserves the Catholic difference. The Knights of Columbus offers top quality financial products to help you protect your future, all backed by our ethical and faith-first business practices.

MEN WHO SERVE – You’re ready to make an impact. The Knights of Columbus helps men put their faith into action and give back — in their communities, in their parishes and on a global scale.

MEN WHO DEFEND – The Knights of Columbus has the resources you need to stand up for life, liberty, and family. Join the Knights and add your voice our nearly two million members upholding the faith and the truth.

Given this… why wouldn’t a Catholic gentleman want to join the Knights of Columbus, and why wouldn’t a parish want a council who supports these ideals in their community.  Now, more than ever, our homes, families, friends and communities need more Knights and more councils.

THE MISSION: “Siempre Adelante, Nunca Atras”

Strategies for Establishing a New Council

  1. District Deputies should identify un-served or underserved churches, missions and communities to select NCD targets:

a. Parishes with little or no Knights of Columbus presence

b. Mission Churches

c. Round Tables

d. Unassisted communities of worship within or adjacent to their districts 

  • Work with Field Agents to define targets

a. Target Parishes 

b. Target Dates 

  • Meet with Pastors – discover how Knights can serve specific parish needs.  Use the checklist that follows this section.
  • Set the Dates with the Pastor for

a. Membership drives

b. Pulpit announcements

c. Information nights

d. Exemplification dates


e. Installation date

Following these steps, each Parish can have its own Council in 8 Weeks! Supreme currently requires 20 new and/or transfer members to charter a new council.  You may download and print “New Council Development Guidelines” at:  https://www.kofc.org/en/members/membership/council-growth-and-development.html#/

Additional Tips in Establishing a New Council

Contact   Contact your Chapter President, New Council Development Chair, your DD, your Field Agent, and CA State NCD Chairman Michael Brault when a location for a potential new council is identified.  
Meeting with the Pastor – Action Plan   The District Deputy and Field Agent are to hold a follow up meeting with the Pastor who requests a new council.  Their action plan needs to include:  Publicity – announcements, flyers, and posters encouraging Catholic men to inquire about joining the Knights of Columbus.  Frequent membership recruitment drives until the council is formed. Don’t be afraid to ask neighboring councils for assistance.  Request 4th Degree Sir Knights to be present at table in full Regalia. Schedule around or partner with “existing” parish events, to become more involved with and a part of the parish.
Information Nights and Exemplifications Hold frequent information nights until the council is formed.  Print a schedule of Exemplifications to be held locally during the membership recruitment period.  Ask established Degree Teams to bring their team to the NCD site for exemplifications.
Parish Progress Reports   Create a visual to show progress towards Council formation and update it weekly. Consider using a vertical thermometer graph that shows the names of the Knights who have joined thus far. Make the goal 20 new members but include space for more.
Form 133 Once your Action Plan has been formed send online Form #133 “Intent to Establish a New Council”  which can be downloaded from https://www.kofc.org/un/en/officers/forms/state.html (a copy is provided at the end of this section)
Frequent Updates   Provide weekly or monthly updates to your: State Membership and New Council Development Chairman  Chapter New Council Development Chair Chapter  Local councils.
Assistance   Remember: once started, keep up the momentum. Continue to ask for help from your Chapter and local Councils. Let them know your progress.   
Form 100s NCD Form 100’s should be sent to membership@kofc.org and clearly marked with the name of the parish and NCD project.


One of the keys to success in any endeavor, especially in New Council Development, is Communication.  We ask each Chapter to assign one or more energetic and responsible Knight to work together on new councils. District Deputies and Field Agents make an effective team to contact the Pastors of all unassisted Parishes to determine how the Knights may best serve the parish.

If formation of a new council is delayed or untimely, consider forming a Round Table to create a Knights presence in the parish or community of worship.  In time Round Tables often become a new council.  If you have questions, feel free to communicate with the State and Chapter New Council Development and Round Table Chairmen to decide which course of action is appropriate.

In closing, In as much as the development of a new council is primarily the responsibility of the District Deputy, they may certainly be assisted by State and Chapter representatives and New Council Development Chairmen.  The Insurance Agency for the area is also a key source of assistance.  Furthermore, any responsible and knowledgeable Brother Knight in good standing both in the Order and his parish could pave the way to the formation of a new council

We want to hear from District Deputies throughout the state that has one or more parishes with the potential of becoming the newest Council in their District this year.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me or any of the State Membership Team for advice and assistance in the development of a new council.  Thank you for your participation and leadership in the New Council Development program.


Michael Brault