State Forms and CA Guides

Form Number State Form Name Active
Online (Preferred Method) DUE DATE
STSP State Council Service Program Awards Form PDF    Email to: 4/1
10680 Family of the Year Form PDF   Email to: 4/1
CAFJPAF Fr. Juan Perez Priest of the Year Award Form PDF       Email to: 4/1
SBMMAF State Blessed Michael McGivney Award Form PDF Email to: 3/31
CAMRTRHI Priest Martyrs History & Info PDF    
CAMRTAF K of C Priest Martyrs Award Form PDF      Email to: 4/1
CANLG CA Newsletters of the Year Guide PDF         
CANLAF CA Newsletter of the Awards Form PDF Email to: 4/1
CAWSG CA Websites of the Year Guide PDF      
CAWSAF CA Website of the Year Awards Form PDF  Email to: 4/1


Committeeman Expense Report   in Excel  (send to appropriate Director)