Open the form and ‘save’ it to your computer.

You can then open the form in Adobe or other pdf program.

Fill in the form, ‘save’ it again and you can email the form.

March 1 Academic Scholarship Application
March 1 Squires Scholarship
15 of Each Month Sept-Feb Mexican Martyr Chaplain Award
March 2/April 1 Council/Chapter Father Juan Perez Award
April 1 Public Relations Awards Form
April 1 Website|App Awards Form
April 1 STSP-CA Award Form
April 1 State Deputy Award
June 30 Form 185
As Needed Special Olympics School Program
As Needed Pro-Life ACE Award
As Needed Request for Knighthood (Third Degree)-DD’s ONLY
As Needed State Expense Account Form Excel
As Needed District Deputy Expense Form 267 PDF
Monthly Church and Vocation Activities
Monthly Council Activities
Monthly Family Activities
Monthly Youth Activities
Monthly Community Activities
Monthly Culture of Life Activities
As Needed 2016-17 Membership Drive Results


The California Delegate Form that is due April 15th is MAILED to all council Financial Secretaries and is not available online or by email.  Contact the state office if you need another form.
Contact:  (909) 434-0460, 

Columbian year 2017-2018 covers the period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
Please submit your expense report/s for Columbian year 2017-2018 no later than July 15, 2018.

  • For District Deputies, use Form 267 and submit to the State Deputy for approval.
  • For Conferring Officers, use Form 267 and submit to the Ceremonials Chairman for approval.
  • For Chapter Presidents, use State Expense Account form and submit to the State Secretary for approval.
  • For State Committeemen, use State Expense Account Form and submit to your respective Director (Membership, Programs or Operations) for approval.  The form is an Excel file.


ID Drive Forms Below-Print and Mail

Columbian-Foundation Form

CLICK HERE for Supreme Forms