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Cerritos, CA  90703



California’s Exceptional Fraternal Benefit – California Columbian Charities provides assistance to Brothers who are suffering financial hardship.

 In 1955 the State Council created California Columbian Charities, Inc.  The charity is dedicated to assisting California Brothers in financial distress, including their widows.  For over sixty years we have consistently worked to provide CHARITY, the first principle of our Order and to fulfill Father McGivney’s mandate of BROTHER HELPING BROTHER.

During the past six decades we have responded to over 2200 requests for assistance from Brother Knights in California and have given more than $3,200,000 in relief.

If you know of a Brother who is in need of assistance please ask his council’s Grand Knight to contact the California State Council office for Charity application forms.  See the following instruction page for details.


In 2017 Columbian Charities assisted 54 Brothers,

their widows and families with almost $140,000 in aid.


We need your generous charitable and fraternal support to continue assisting Brothers in distress.


The 365 Club and the Parade of Grand Knights are the primary means of raising funds for California Columbian Charities.  We ask that every Brother in California join the 365 Club and donate a penny a day – either by adding an additional $3.65 (or more) to their dues payment, or by a cash donation at council meetings.  The council should hold these funds until May when they can be brought to the State Convention and the Parade of Grand Knights.

If your Council is presently requesting its Brothers to join the 365 Club, we ask all Brothers to donate and join.  If not, we ask your Council’s Financial Secretary to introduce your Brothers to the 365 Club by adding an additional line to the dues billing statement (including those sent to non-dues paying Honorary Members):  “365 Club – Please add a $3.65 donation to California Columbian Charities.”  This will provide every Brother in your Council an opportunity to practice charity, unity and fraternity.

All Councils, Chapters and Assemblies making a donation to our charity will receive an Award Ribbon.  We hope that 100% of the active Councils in California participate and contribute.

If a council misses the convention it should not overlook its donation.  Please mail all council and personal checks (payable to Californian Columbian Charities) to the above address.  The donations can be sent at any time.

Although the 365 Club and Parade of Grand Knights involve only one donation a year at the State Convention, further donations are appreciated by Columbian Charities and by your Brothers in distress.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

God Bless you for your support of the 365 Club / California Columbian Charities.  You should be proud of the assistance that you have provided for your Brother Knights and their families.

Charity begins at home – BROTHER HELPING BROTHER