In heaven, Blessed Michael McGivney has not ceased being our own parish priest whose intercession for the Knights of Columbus is evident not only by our growth around the world but also, and more importantly, by our continued commitment to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. The extraordinary miracle that led to his beatification should be a source of inspiration for us to turn to Blessed Michael McGivney in our own times of need, whether that need is great or small.

You are invited to join in praying the rosary while meditating on the example of Blessed Michael McGivney. Let his devotion to Our Lady inspire you to draw close to her Immaculate Heart, where we will encounter her son, Jesus Christ. Only in that encounter will we be able to meet the challenge that Father McGivney places before us: to live a life of heroic virtue according to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity.

There are various roles that should be assigned before beginning this hour of prayer. In this booklet, these roles are indicated as Leader, Reader 1, and Reader 2. The Leader introduces the mystery for each decade and leads the group in the prayers of the rosary, Reader 1 presents an excerpt from a papal document related to that mystery and Reader 2 presents a reflection on the mystery and papal reading. Depending on the size of your group, assign as many people as possible to participate by having different people be the Leader, Reader 1, and Reader 2 for each decade of the rosary. Be sure that these readers are given time to review and practice their spoken parts so that they are able to lead the group confidently and devoutly.

When praying the rosary as a group, typically a leader will say the first part of each prayer and the rest of the group will say the second part. Alternatively, these prayers can be prayed antiphonally with half of the group saying the first part of the prayer and the other half of the group saying the second part.

The Luminous Mysteries of the rosary were chosen to complement the texts and reflections. The other sets of mysteries could also be used based on the needs and circumstances of an individual group.

The Booklet, Father McGivney Prayer Hour with Rosary and Litany is in PDF format and can downloaded at under Programs

George Bagley, Chairman