Three Awards (1st, 2nd & 3rd) will be given to the council that creates the most effective books which documents the council’s many fraternal activities throughout the Columbian year. The activities should reflect the four principles of our order. Yearbook competition is on a statewide basis and not on a division basis. You are competing with every council in the State of California for these awards.

Judging will take place at the annual state convention in May.

Council Yearbook Guidelines The following guidelines have been established as basis for the awards.

Dedication Page – State the reason you are dedicating the yearbook, a picture as appropriate, if applicable to the dedication, to whom or to what you dedicate your yearbook is your decision. History Page – Write a brief history of your council containing the council name and the month and year the council was chartered, a list of Past Grand Knights or pictures if possible and past accomplishments of your council. Length is not a key factor, but it must be informative. Required Pictures – Individual and or group pictures of all council officers elected or appointed, to include the Council Chaplain or Spiritual Director if any, properly labeled with the title of office and full name of the council officer. Another set of individual and or group pictures of all Program Directors properly labeled with title and full name of director on the following page. Additional pictures are required and identified as to the function and or activity. Where it is possible, identify all the people in the picture.

Activities – A picture of the Activity Director to appear on the first page of each activity/function stating the name of the activity/function. A separate page of each activity/function with a caption or description is desirable. (A minimum of six pictures per function and/or activity is recommended). The size of the activity/function does not matter, but it must be a council activity/function performed during this Columbian Year. 

To be considered for judging, your council yearbook must be at the designated room prior to 10:00AM Friday at the State Convention. Late entries will not be entertained. Grading of yearbooks will commence at 10:30 AM.


Bill Uberti
Yearbook Program
California State Chairman