How to place static images side by side:

1- Click on “Add Media”

2- Select desired image (Upload as needed)

3- If image is too large click on image and then the edit button ( looks like a pencil ) and select the desired size.

3a – To add a caption simply go back and click on the image again and bring up the edit window

4- Move your cursor to the location desired for where the next image is to be placed and use the space bar to move you cursor the number of spaces desired

5- Go and repeat steps 1 through 4 again

6- If the image doesn’t align where you want it, simply click on the “Center” alignment icon ( the one from the main widow at the top and not the one displayed from the edit window of the image )to move it.

7- Repeat steps 1 through 6 for however many number of images desired.

8- For a second (or however many number of additional rows desired simple move your cursor over to where you wish the second row to begin.




New District Master for Central Region

District Master – Central Region






Here come that second row:



Hope this helps.