These are the two memorable days of our Order. Our Founder’s Day falls on March 29, 2018. We are to celebrate this day as this is the anniversary of the Knights of Columbus. The legacy of Venerable Michael J. McGivney handed to us is a cause for celebration. We also need to include the Patron of our Order, Christopher Columbus. We set aside October 9, 2017 in his honor and celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. We have to think of this importance not only to the Knights, but to the rest of the America. The anniversary of Father McGivney is the culmination of his foresights that serve as our guide to the numerous accomplishments undertaken by the Knights of Columbus throughout the years. Every council is encouraged to plan a special way of celebrating these two important days.



Here are some suggested activities that councils can do for this event:

  • Councils are asked to display a portrait of Christopher Columbus for the public to be informed who we are honoring on this day.
  • Gather materials, pamphlets and flyers about the origin, life and accomplishments of the patron of our Order. These materials can later be donated to schools and libraries for the use of the younger generations.
  • Initiate an informational night about Christopher Columbus tracing his voyage leading to the discovery of America.
  • Hold a sporting events to be participated by adults and the young ones of the parish.
  • A parade may be included –inviting public officials and the various ethnic groups in the area. Have a picnic style get together at the end for the purposes of fellowship.



Here are some suggested activities that councils can do for this event:

  • Plan a celebration ahead of time.
  • Post the portrait of the Venerable Father Michael McGivney and have some materials ready that will inform the public who this celebration is for.
  • Invite your pastor in the planning at a council meeting so he could be part in setting up the place, date and time of the celebration
  • Honor your Chaplain and priests of your parish with an appreciation night.
  • Reserve a family Mass to be followed by a picnic or a get together inviting friends and fellow parishioners. This is also a good chance for a recruitment drive.
  • A parade can be included in the plan. Invite the Color Corps of your Assembly, and local government officials to participate, as well as the various ethnic groups and organizations of the parish.


Gerry V. Hernandez
Columbus and Founder’s Day
California State Chairman