The Helping Hands Program Chairman will work closely with all State Chapters and Councils to identify resources available to assist in caring for the disadvantaged community. These resources may include, but not be limited to, local homeless shelters and food banks, as well as the Catholic Charities and member agencies in the respective Chapter/Council area. The Councils and Chapters are then encouraged to work in cooperation with and provide support to the shelters and Catholic Charities agencies.

Potential action steps available to provide the needed support include the following:

  • Work at the Shelter as a volunteer
  • Help prepare meals
  • Collect food donations from restaurants and bakeries within the Council area and distribute to local shelters and food
  • Collect clothing for the homeless community
  • Participate in Coats for Kids program
  • Participate in Jackets for the Homeless program
  • Participate in the Food for Families program
  • Distribute cold water bottles to the homeless during hot summer days
  • Facilitate the participation of local seminarians in these activities
  • Facilitate the potential for combined Chapter/Council efforts, which would allow for more far-reaching and larger-scoped events and/or
  • Establish a “Christmas in July” event for local shelters

Zaki Mustafa, Chairman
(909) 234-5148