This program is open to all children ages 5-14 years old. Each poster must reflect “Keep Christ in Christmas” theme using a visual image created by the youth. The program guidebook21 can assist with starting this activity. The poster must be 11 x 17 inches in size with an entry form #502522. Note *this is different from the Substance Abuse Poster Contest. There are three (3) age categories, youth 5-7, 8-10, and 11-14 years old. It is open to all youth in your area. A child may submit as many posters as they would like with each one containing an entry form.

Please note all signatures should be included with the forms.

Suggested Timelines

Level Due Dates

**Please mail early**


Mail by January 1st.


Mail by January 31st.


Mail by February 15th.


Must be mailed to Supreme by February 28th.


Judging for this contest is based on the following: 30 points for Slogan, 30 points for Visuals, and 40 points for overall impact.

Poster kits are available from Supreme (item # CPC-kit1-2-3-4) or call (203) 752-4270 to order. Immediately following the local council contest, the Grand Knight should complete and submit the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Participation Form (#50235-6-7)

If you would like more information concerning this program you can contact the Supreme website or myself.

We encourage your Council to participate so our youth can demonstrate their faith and desire to “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

David P. Waage, Chairman
(805) 588-8124