I am the California State Substance Abuse Poster Chairman. This year there are new changes to the Substance Abuse Poster program. You will NO longer be able to get the SA-Kit from Supreme since they are no longer supporting this program at the Supreme level.

The good news is, that California Knights of Columbus Council are still concerned about the drug and alcohol abuse problem and will continue to support this program. The SA Poster program will remain the same except there will no longer be a Supreme Level of competition. The old SA kit has been reformatted and you can now download this electronically. To receive a kit, please email me at pineschibob@yahoo.com, see the California State website or see below for Entry, Rules and Participation forms. Please use these new forms in this kit for your competition.

This contest is open to all youth from 8 – 14 years old from your community. They are asked to design and create posters that communicate a message of sobriety and the dangers of substance abuse. Their efforts are submitted to local councils for judging. The winners from each Council will go up to the Chapter level competition. The Chapter winners will progress to the State Level of Competition All Chapter Winners will be sent to the State SA Chairman. Prizes are awarded along the way to winning entries. Winning posters become the property of the Knights of Columbus.

Eligibility Requirements:

Contestants will complete in two age groups for purposes of judging: (Age as of January 1st)

  1. Age 8 through 11
  2. Age 12 through 14

Poster Topics:

Entries in the Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest fall under only one of two topics:

  1. Alcohol Awareness and Abuse
  2. Drug Awareness and Abuse

Entrant can only enter in one of the categories.

Judging Criteria:

Teams of young people, Knights, teachers, administrators, students, substance abuse counselors and law enforcement officials should be involved in judging the posters. In keeping with the theme of giving young people the opportunity to develop their own solutions to the challenges they face, it is particularly important to involve young people in the process. The criteria for scoring posters are listed below and must be written on the Poster Entry form:

Criteria Description Point Range


Slogan- How clearly is the theme presented? 1 to 30
Visuals- How well do the visuals convey the message? 1 to 30
Overall Impact- How effective is the poster in capturing your
attention and causing you to reflect on the topic? 1 to 40



The local Council, Chapter, and State Council will determine monetary or other prizes for participation. Winner and participant certificates should be awarded. You can download these certificates and the Substance Abuse packet in the folder at the California State Website under forms.


Contest can start as early as September and run to middle of January. After your competition, Send a copy of the

Participation form to the California State Poster Chairman.

Additional questions should be directed to the Chapter or State Chairman. Local competition for the Poster Contest is under the authority of the Council Program Chairman or Council Youth Chairman. Subsequent competition will be under the authority of the State Poster Chairman and State Community Activity Chairman.

David P. Waage, Chairman
(805) 588-8124