The Council Bulletin is a vital tool linking all members of the council and every council should publish a monthly bulletin for its members. This publication should arouse interest in the activities of your council, along with reports of business carried out within the council. It is an effective vehicle for renewing non – active members’ interest in attending meetings and council functions. Some members are shut-ins while others work on meeting nights, but still like to be in touch. A well-organized bulletin keeps the entire council informed on all council news and events and your shut in members especially appreciate it and look forward to it.

Awards will be presented for the publication that is judged to be the most consistent source of communication to the council members. Guidelines for bulletins are included on a separate enclosure. Awards will be given for the best three bulletins in each division. Color pages and photographs will have no bearing on points for awards.

Councils will be evaluated on nine issues starting with the August 2016 issue and ending with the April 2017 issue. Bulletins will be judged as they are received; therefore it is important that the bulletins be received no later than ten days into the month. It is requested that you send a copy of your bulletin to all State Officers, Program and Membership Directors, and especially to the Knightletter Editor, as well as other chairmen found in the State Directory. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Council Bulletins with sponsorships or advertisements from investment or insurance companies other than Knights of Columbus Insurance Programs will be removed from any considerations for awards. 

Bulletin Chairman Walter Nolasco is responsible for judging the bulletins.



These guidelines have been established as the basis for awards. The following MUST appear in each issue of your council bulletin:

Council name, number, division and month of publication
List of Officers, Directors, Field Agents and their phone numbers
Message from the Grand Knight
Message from the Council Program Director
Message from the Council Membership Director
Business card or article from Insurance Field Agent
Calendar of coming events

The following items are optional and extra points will be awarded if they are included.

Message from the Chaplain
Articles from Council Directors and Chairmen
Articles from Fourth Degree Assemblies
Articles from your Squires Circle (if sponsored)
Articles about the ladies and families of your council
Articles promoting Vocations, Right-to-Life and Drug Abuse activities
Parish news relating to your council
Pictures of Council activities
Sickness and distress announcements, birthdays and anniversaries
Chapter news
Message from the District Deputy
Convention announcements
Electronic Bulletins

There will be an Electronic Bulletin competition. It will be the best three bulletins submitted electronically. The selection will not be by division.

The electronic bulletins will follow the same guidelines as for the standard mailed bulletins.

The bulletin must be received no later than 10 days into the month. A request must be made to the Bulletin Chairman Walter Nolasco to have your bulletin reviewed.


(1) Have the bulletin name, council number and division in plain view on the front cover.

(2) A list of officers, Chairmen and Field Agents with phone numbers. (A good place for this list is on the inside front cover).

(3) A calendar of events is essential

The bulletin must have a Grand Knight’s message, a distinct Program Director’s message, a Membership Director’s message, Knights of Columbus Field Agent’s Business Card or article and a Calendar of events. A bulletin is not complete without these elements.


(4) A Chaplain’s message is always a welcome article

(5) Ask your District Deputy for an article.

(6) Pro Life and articles on Vocations are always welcome.

(7) A Field Agent’s message is very advisable

(8) Ask activity Chairmen for an article

(9) Advertise your events

10) Arrange articles in a protocol each month. (Grand Knight, Program Director, Chaplain, Membership Director Etc.)


(11) Be sure that the Bulletin Chairman is on your mailing list. The Golden State Knightletter Editor does not judge bulletins.

(12) It is important that the bulletin arrives on time (no later than the 10th of the month.). The bulletins are reviewed as received.


(13) Follow the example cover on the last page; it contains all the elements to satisfy the Postal Service. It is suggested that the address be placed on the upper half of a folded bulletin.

(14) The disclaimer stating the organization, address and frequency of publication is to be placed within the first three pages.

(15) Advertisers should be on the inside of your bulletin. They are considered sponsors.

(16) No travel agencies or insurance ads are allowed by the regulations set forth by the Postal Service, except for Knights of Columbus Insurance, which is part of the order.

Council Bulletins, First, Second and Third Place in each of five divisions
Council Electronic bulletins First, Second and Third Place regardless of division

Walter D. Nolasco
Council Bulletin Program
California State Chairman