For THE Columbian Year we seek to be engaged in Supremes’ call to support Christian Refugee Relief wherever feasible and miracles can happen. We all see daily news of the tragic impact of Isis and other anti-Christian groups warring against our Christian Brothers and Sisters, and against non-Christians as well like the Yazidis and Shabak referenced on the Supremes’ website: “FACTS ABOUT PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS“59 in the Middle East.

You can learn more about the history of how Knights of Columbus have come to the aid of genocide victims in the past and most recently. Visit:

Please contact me in the weeks and months ahead at your convenience to help in maximizing our efforts through parish-based prayer programs and fundraisers to send material assistance through the Christian Refugee Relief Fund. Of particular focus is the resettling of families. We also encourage councils to utilize the Solidarity Crosses as a fundraiser and prayer campaigns in their parishes.

Vivat Jesus! Fraternally,

Kamal Y. Alsawaf, Chairman
(619) 938-2046