Lifesaving Choices Start With Heartbeats
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As Catholics and Knights of Columbus, we are committed to protecting the sanctity of life. And to that end, I ask you, what is more precious or defenseless than a baby growing in a mother’s womb? As such, we are charged with protecting these vulnerable babies. This may seem a daunting task, but thankfully, we have tools at our disposal to dramatically impact change in expectant parents. Nothing is more central to this call than the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Program.

Statistics suggest that over 80% of mothers and fathers who see an ultrasound image will choose to carry their baby to term. This begs the question; how do we facilitate expectant parents participating in the life-altering event that is viewing their baby’s beating heart? The first step is making sure there is an ultrasound machine available.

To that end, the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Program empowers councils to partner with qualified pregnancy centers to raise money for the procurement of these incredibly important machines that is then matched by Supreme. This incredible program has been going on for the past ten years and donated its 1,000th ultrasound machine on January 14, 2019, saving tens thousands of babies. With your help, we can save more.

Please act now, as a unique funding program may allow the procurement of one of these awesome lifesaving machines with the council and pregnancy center providing only ¼ of the cost.

Ultrasound Application #10716 and Ultrasound Diocesan Evaluation #10715 are available to assist with these efforts.

For more information and assistance, contact a member of the California State Ultrasound team:

Richard DeWitt, Chairman David E. Cortens, Committeeman Oscan Martinez, Committeeman
(530) 227-6067


(949) 554-5120


(408) 592-8244



Ultrasound Machine/Mobile Unit Funding


The Knights of Columbus established its Ultrasound Initiative to equip medically certified prolife pregnancy care centers (PCCs) with modern technology that will enable expectant mothers to see and hear their babies in utero. When a state or local council raises half of the cost of purchasing an ultrasound machine for a PCC, the Supreme Council will match that amount, enabling the PCC to buy the ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound technology provides a “window on the womb,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. “Even from the early stages of pregnancy,” he continued, “a mother can see her developing child, hear her baby’s heartbeat, and recognize the miracle of the new life within her.” Since this program began, we have received numerous reports of mothers who have decided to carry their babies to term after seeing the ultrasound images.


The Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative provides two options for funding purchase of ultrasound equipment for a PCC:

Ultrasound Machine Funding:  When a state and/or local Knights of Columbus council raises 50% of the cost of purchasing an ultrasound machine, the Supreme Council will provide a grant for the other 50% of the machine’s cost.

Ultrasound-Equipped Mobile Unit Funding: When a state and/or local council raises the funds necessary to cover the full costs of a vehicle that is outfitted to house an ultrasound machine, the Supreme Council will provide a grant equal to 50% of the cost of the ultrasound machine that is to be used in the vehicle (provided the funds raised for the purchase/outfitting of the vehicle are equal to at least 50% of the cost of the ultrasound machine). Depending on the cost of the vehicle and the amount of funds raised, the Supreme Council will also provide additional funds, up to 50% of the remaining cost of the ultrasound machine, potentially covering up to 100% of the cost of the machine. Refer to examples for illustrative purposes provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

NOTE: Regardless of whether the State Council is involved, the State Deputy must be kept informed during all stages of participation in this program.


  1. Locate a PCC that is prepared to receive and use an ultrasound machine or an ultrasound-equipped mobile unit.
  2. Present a Diocesan Evaluation (#9884) to the Diocesan Culture of Life Director to determine if the PCC meets the practical, moral and religious criteria for inclusion in the Ultrasound Initiative.
  3. Determine that the PCC will be able to staff and operate the ultrasound machine and/or ultrasound-equipped mobile unit. This will include assuring that:
  • The center is properly licensed under state and local laws and regulations to operate an ultrasound machine
  • The center is affiliated with a medical doctor who is willing to oversee the ultrasound machine operations
  • The machine will be staffed with licensed and experienced medical personnel
  • The center has adequate insurance for operation of the machine (e and f are additional requirements for mobile units)
  • The mobile unit will be properly licensed under state and local laws and regulations to operate as an ultrasound-equipped mobile unit; and,
  • The mobile unit will be adequately insured for operation
  1. After the Diocesan Evaluation is submitted to the Culture of Life office in New Haven, and the PCC has shown that it will meet the other criteria above, the PCC staff, including the medical director, should select the equipment that best fits the PCC’s needs.
  • For the Ultrasound Machine Funding option, the PCC staff should obtain a quote for the purchase price of an ultrasound machine (not including training, shipping, taxes, maintenance agreements, extra parts, supplies, etc.)
  • For the Mobile Unit Funding Option, the PCC staff should obtain price quotes for an ultrasound machine, for the vehicle in which the machine will be installed (not including taxes, registration fees, fuel, driver costs, insurance, etc.), and for any labor and material costs for outfitting the vehicle and installing the machine.
  1. Begin fundraising. While the PCC may certainly assist in fund raising, if the PCC raises the funds predominately on its own, without on-going and significant involvement of the state and/or local council, the PCC will not be eligible for matching funds from the Supreme Council Office. The Knights of Columbus council must be actively involved in the fund raising. In the United States, the state and/or local council leading the fund raising drive should designate, or open, a bank account to receive the funds. A state council’s registered charity may also be used. Donated checks should be made out to the Knights of Columbus council or state council registered charity, not to the PCC. In Canada, because of differing tax codes, checks should be made payable either to the state council’s registered charity or to the PCC directly – not to the council. The council leading the fund raising campaign should collect the checks and other donations, list them by name, address, and amount, and then turn the funds over to either the state council’s charity or to the PCC for deposit, depending on which will be tallying the funds and issuing receipts.
  2. Once the funds for the purchase price of the ultrasound machine and/or converted vehicle are raised, the Ultrasound Initiative application (#4886) for Supreme Council funds should be completed, signed by the state deputy, and submitted to the Supreme Council Office. Along with the application, other required documents (e.g. price quotes, etc.) should be submitted.
  3. The PCC, not the state and/or local council, must purchase and hold title/ownership of any ultrasound machine or vehicle acquired. Credit may be given to the Knights of Columbus by posting a sign on or near a machine/vehicle that reads, “Funded (in part) by a grant from Knights of Columbus Council # Anywhere, USA.,” along with the K of C emblem. If such a sign is used, the PCC should have additional wording affixed to the machine/vehicle that says, “Owned and operated by (PCC name).” All requests to use the name and emblem should be submitted to the Knights of Columbus Board of Director’s Name and Emblem Committee.
  4. Plan a check presentation or ribbon cutting ceremony to be held when the ultrasound machine or ultrasound-equipped mobile unit arrives or is ready for operation. Invite the state deputy and determine with the PCC which media outlets to invite to the ceremony.

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Please insert Diocesan Evaluation form #9884 and #4884

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