The Knights of Columbus believe that Special Olympics programs are nearly unparalleled in their ability to show the worth and dignity of every single human being. Special Olympics programs do not just build strength and character in the athletes and participants, it is a support system for the entire family.

Our State Special Olympics Program is a balance between Voluntarism and Charity.

Voluntarism: In Service to One, In Service to All. A simple and powerful statement! The Knights of Columbus are committed to making our communities better.  To volunteer at a Special Olympics Event is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. These opportunities are open to everyone – Knights, their families, Councils and even potential Knights and their families. Do it, and it will change your life! The best place to find current information on upcoming events is your area’s website. For Northern Cal the site is www.sonc.org/ and for Southern Cal the site is www.sosc.org/. For information on getting involved with your local Special Olympics organizations, please contact your State Committeemen for Special Olympics for more information.

Charity: Charity is the first principle of our Order. Raising funds to support Special Olympics is one of the featured programs in California. Since the largest supporter of people with Intellectual Disabilities is Special Olympics and the largest program in California is the Campaign to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities, it only makes sense for the Feed the Athlete program to be associated with the Campaign. See the Campaign to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities for specific information.

Feed the Athletes: The Knights of Columbus’ rich legacy of serving others has long extended to the support of the Special Olympics. This year the State Council has rolled out the “Feed the Athletes” program. Through your efforts we will raise specially earmarked funds so the Knights of Columbus can be the major sponsor of meals for athletes at Special Olympics events throughout the state. Raising funds to sponsor the meals at these events will help our local councils provide lunches to the athletes, because after all we the Knights of Columbus know how and love to cook! You can contribute to this program two ways. When filling out your Campaign to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities Distribution Form-201 simply designate, “Special Olympics Feed the Athletes” as a recipient and then state the percentage for distribution.  Or use the new state form on the next page.


  • To have the Knights of Columbus provide meal support for a minimum of two major Special Olympics events in every Chapter in 2019-2020.
  • To raise a minimum of $45,000 throughout the calendar year of 2019-2020 that will be managed by the Frank Nigro foundation and presented to equally to Special Olympics Southern California and Special Olympics Northern California at the State Convention in May 2019 to sponsor and pay for meals in the 2020-2021 Columbian year.
  • To track and measure Knights of Columbus participation at Special Olympics events throughout the 2019-2020 calendar year for a measuring progress of implementation of the Feed the Athlete initiative.
  • To encourage and increase local Knights of Columbus Councils in filling out and submitting Supreme’s Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics.
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