There are many areas of personal wellness, including physical, financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, and sexual to name a few.  The one area of wellness that forms a first impression to others when we meet them for the first time is our physical wellness.

So much of improving personal wellness comes down to education and awareness. We must take it upon ourselves to read up on what are good choices, and on the other hand what are bad choices, including what we feed our bodies for fuel that provides us with the energy we need throughout each day.

The environment that we surround ourselves with is also important. This includes the air that we breathe that we subject ourselves to. There are healthy choices there that we can make as well.

Wouldn’t it be great to have our health span equal to our life span? What this means is that when we can make those wise choices that can help extend our health span, where we continue to be relatively healthy and can remain functional without too much pain, up to the time of our natural death, we are then able to continue to enjoy those activities and causes that we are most passionate about, including our volunteer time with the Knights of Columbus and spending quality time with our wives and families. It also provides additional opportunities to travel and explore other areas and passions without being hampered due to physical limitations.

There is a wealth of information out there for us to tap into very easily via the internet that can help us make those healthy choices from simply educating ourselves and becoming aware of those lifestyle changes that we can make to improve the length of our health span.

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