Our Wellness Program as part of the Culture of Life will maintain much of its original focus of addressing Human Wellness defined as consisting of SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, and PHYSICAL components. Here we recognize, as our faith teaches, that we are obligated to respect our own bodies and those of others with the regard that is due “Temples of the Holy Spirit” – “Made in the image and likeness of God”. And, as we good doctors among our ranks would do, we will adhere to the historic tradition of the Hippocratic Oath that came from the Greek, translated to Latin, and then to English as “first, do no harm”.

This, of course, is entirely 100% consistent with supporting the WHOLE spectrum of human life from conception to natural death – especially for our purposes here – aiming at maintaining Wellness through our often overlooked “Middle Years”.

Also, according to the National Wellness Institute, Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of and make choices towards a more successful existence. You may optionally wish to visit www.nationalwellness.org.

Just as we find our Order grows and thrives better when much of what we do is fun, we will be periodically posting practical easy wellness tips through emails, on the website and/or in the Golden State Knight letter at www.CaliforniaKnights.org, to promote better Wellness lifestyles and benefit all our Brothers, Sisters, and their families currently finding themselves living in our state with a secular culture that so often confronts us with a destructive “Culture of Death” mentality.

You are invited to participate with us in an interactive dialogue with suggestions for topics that could benefit our Brothers being made aware of. Some Upcoming Featured Wellness Topics we have in mind may include:

  • Genetic Factors Relating to Health
  • Attaining & Maintaining Healthy Weight
  • The Roles of Diet & Exercise
  • Heart Health
  • Reducing Hypertension and its effects
  • New Thinking on Cholesterol
  • Dealing with Diabetes
  • Effects of Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, & “Weed”
  • Living with COPD
  • Benefits of Prayer and Meditation on Mental Health

Wishing You Well – For Life


Edward P. Huestis, PSD
(707) 452-8636